Thursday, October 15, 2009

GSIS/SSS Calamity Loans Applications

I remember my college life when i usually asked by my mother, a public school teacher, to go to GSIS to apply/follow-up on her loan applications whether salary loan, policy loan, or whatever loan she can get her hands on just to tide us over

GSIS then was at the old GSIS building in front of SM City Manila behind Manila City Hall then it transferred to the new GSIS building at the reclamation area in Pasay City.

those were the days. Back then I knew by heart where to file, and whom to ask even the requirements for loan processing. Now i don't remember the details, i only remember it recently the GSIS vs IBM database issue that's painful not for both of them but for the millions of GSIS pensioners and loan applicants trapped in the middle of the "war"

Typhoon Ondoy again brought back surge for GSIS calamity loans. No idea about SSS calamity loans for i've yet to apply for one.

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