Saturday, September 26, 2009

Latest Typhoon Ondoy Flood Pictures Manila

caught me by surprise by typhoon ondoy's watery world when waters started rising around 10am and continued up to around 4pm reaching a floodwater about 7 feet deep

here are two pictures of floods by typhoon Ondoy somewhere in metro manila. More photos only if i have my waterproof camera with me.

typhoon ondoy flood manila
typhoon ondoy flood pictures

Latest news from PAGASA on typhoon Ondoy said it's going northwards. Metro Manila's flooded even makati, manila, quezon city. No news yet on number of deaths and millions of pesos in damages.

I already declared a personal state of calamity: no work on monday September 28, 2009

saddest about it was that my car got totally submerged in water.

gastos again!

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