Saturday, September 26, 2009

Latest Typhoon Ondoy Flood Pictures Manila

caught me by surprise by typhoon ondoy's watery world when waters started rising around 10am and continued up to around 4pm reaching a floodwater about 7 feet deep

here are two pictures of floods by typhoon Ondoy somewhere in metro manila. More photos only if i have my waterproof camera with me.

typhoon ondoy flood manila
typhoon ondoy flood pictures

Latest news from PAGASA on typhoon Ondoy said it's going northwards. Metro Manila's flooded even makati, manila, quezon city. No news yet on number of deaths and millions of pesos in damages.

I already declared a personal state of calamity: no work on monday September 28, 2009

saddest about it was that my car got totally submerged in water.

gastos again!

Friday, September 18, 2009

iPhone 3G iTunes Error: “We could not complete your iTunes store request,an unknown error occurred (-9808)”

I got a distress call yesterday from an officemate with an iPhone 3G (a
relatively new one even if the iPhone 3GS is already out)

The iPhone had a blank white screen running old firmaware 2.2.1 and after trying to reset it, Id decided to upgrade it to the latest iPhone firmware version to see if it fixes the problem.

As I plugged the iPhone to my notebook and fired up iTunes, I was able to upgrade it to the latest version but an error of iTunes kept popping up that says:

“We could not complete your iTunes store request,an unknown error occurred (-9808)”

After investigation and some logs "forensics" of Windows Vista, I found out it's caused by a certificate revocation error, probably due to my use of an older iTunes version.

Due to lack of time, I just used a workaround solution to "hack" Internet Options (from Internet Explorer Options tab), Advanced and Security to uncheck "“Check for server certificate revocation (requires restart)” then restarted Internet Explorer to effect the change.

When I tried again to access iTunes store, the error did go away.

My officemate was so happy she thought her iPhone's bad and saved her the hassle of visiting Globe business center for local iPhone technical support.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Report Drug Pushers Anonymously PDEA/DDB Hotline

As I've posted sometime ago about a neighbor of mine dealing drugs in my neighborhood. I'm thinking of reporting her anonymous to the dangerous Drugs Board and/or Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and see if those agencies are really doing their jobs or just sleeping in their air-conditioned offices.

How to report drug pushers anonymously:

Call DDB 24-hour Action Center with mobile numbers: 0928-NO DRUGS, 0917-NO DRUGS, and DDB hotline number 929-6623 and also Yahoo Messenger (YM) chat account nodrugsphilippines. report drug pushers, smugglers, drug syndicates, drug mules, drug lords et al

The DDB vows confidentiality to all personalities who will provide information. This I hope is true for many people are willing to report scums if their anonymity is guaranteed.

Note that Imbestigador doesn't cater to anonymous callers/testers requiring personal appearance at GMA 7 Imbestigador office at GMA 7 office on EDSA corner Timog Avenue.

ABS-CBN's XXX has email address for reporting but no information if they allow anonymous whistle blowers.

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

Friday, September 04, 2009

September 7, 2009 is a Non-working Holiday?

As claimed by my officemates and allegedly seen on TV, September 7, 2009, Monday, was declared a non-working holiday.

Ever the skeptic as I am as my officemates already made wrong announcements before, I checked out and, Manila Bulleting and for the official annoucement but no latest news yet posted.

I'm just hoping it's true. All I know is that September 7 is Labor Day in America (celebrated on the first Monday of September) or is it because of the burial of Iglesia Ni Cristo's Erano Manalo that's why it's declared a special non-working holiday.

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