Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to Remove "This copy of Office is not genuine" Notification from Pirated Microsoft Office Hack

I have a friend with a nagging problem on his PC that everytime he opens a Microsoft Office, a nagbox will display "this copy of office is not genuine." Here are tried and tested solutions to his problem that made it go away


1. Buy genuine Windows Software, it may be expensive but it's their right to display those nagboxes

2. Google for bypass Genuine Windows Validation, used to work by a registry tweak but now inutile.

3. The best solution so far: Dump MS Office and install OpenOffice: It's free and it works. Just have a bit of a problem with Powerpoint animations so far

Note: the Philippines largest bank is using OpenOffice to forgo the large license fees of MS Office in thousands of PCs. Makes perfect business sense to me unlike the former largest bank who hates Open-Source software. Good for them :P

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