Thursday, August 13, 2009

APCN2 Cable Break Slows Down Internet Access in the Philippines

The latest submarine cable break of APCN2 (Asia Pacific Cable Network) disrupted Internet access of Smart Broadband (Smart Bro) and partial slowdown of Globe Broadband

We use Globe and Bayantel in the office while I use Bayan DSL at home (that's a bit slow today).

I don't know how it affected Digitel and Sun 3G Broadband while PLDT MyDSL would probably be affected too.

Cable breaks are really a pain in the...In my "past life" as an internetwork engineer at Eastern Telecoms (ETPI now Eastern Communications), cable breaks last for weeks with no definite target of repair since cable retriever ships will sail and search for the underwater cable break for repairs. It's not an easy task and updates just trickle in once the cable repair ship reaches the estimated cable segment that needs to be reconnected (re-spliced is the proper term since all of them use fiber optic technology).

I will sometimes restore internet links using satellite backup links or other cable links like C2C, TGN-IA (TyCom Global Network-Intra Asia Cable System) and SEA-ME-WE 3 then use BGP routing to balance the links and prioritize premium clients over dial-up and DSL users with their minimum guaranteed bandwitch called committed access rate (CIR/CAR).

At least my office connection (dual-homed Globe and Bayantel) are doing fine while this Bayan DSL is quite ok though I will disconnect this to switch to Sun 3G wireless broadband due to crappy service.

Has your Internet connection been unbearable lately? Now you know the reason why.