Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to Play Facebook Farm Town on iPhone, Nokia and other Mobile Devices

I had a strange request from a friend who bought a new Nokia cellphone just to play a Facebook app called farm Town. Since I'm not into social networking due to very busy schedules, i checked it out on facebook usiger my friends account
It seems Farm Town is a very famous Facebook application with many users. I tried to access it on the iPhone 3G that I have but can't see the link. I checked the Internet version and got to access Farm Town game on my Iphone 3G by visitng but you need to install Flash Player on iPhone (or whatever mobile device you have in order to play it, that is if your mobile device is supported by Adobe Flash Player)

Now that i've known it's not dependent on certain packages or programs that permit it for mobile access, I need to access Farm Town again on the Nokia mobile phone, even other mobile devices like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and others with wifi-fi or 3G Internet access features. (can you play Farm Town without an internet connection :P)

It seems facebook is also an addictive game, bbut I don't have time for virtual games. I'd rather visit my own farm in the future.

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