Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BPI ATM and BPI Express Online are Offline!

If you're a Bank of the Philippine Islands client and needed to withdraw money from your payroll these last few days chances are you'll find yourself unable to withdraw from your ATM card even transact online via BPI Express Offline

according to my reliable inside sources, BPI is really having problems with their ATM switch that's causing timeouts, disconnections and the off-line messages as well as error messages and login problems on BPI Express Offline. There are reportedly many consultants handling the problem.

No official word and press releases yet from BPI but I don't think they're very good at handling media people much like the way Metrobank downtime I blogged about sometime ago that mainstream media didn't pay attention too due to the media savvy PR people.

Just watch out for the latest news and updates once I confirmed it's BPI's Base24 switch that's acting up causing BPI downtime.

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