Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tenable Nessus Error on Windows Vista: Invalid Challenge Response

I'm trying to install Nessus Vulnerability Scanner (version 4.0.1) at home on Windows Vista Basic and the installation went fine but registering the product stalled my effort for quite some time with the error message below:

the error message comes after I enter the activation key and clicked Register. I can't start the Nesses server and therefore can't also condifure the daemon. If I try to re-register the same registration code, i get a message that the code has already been used so I need to get another code the Tenable website.

Frustrated, I also tried Nessus Off-line registration (without an internet connection), got the nessus-fetch.rc installed and I was able to start the nessus daemon at Services but still can't get past the initial screen of Nessus Server Manager.

Is this another one of Windows Vista problems or just Nessus? Will try to post this on the Nessus Discussion forum for answers, solutions or workarounds.

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