Monday, June 29, 2009

Pacific Plans, now APIC, Pre-need Claims

It's one of those days when I went to Makati with passengers I took to Peak Tower on L.P. Leviste St. (formerly Alfaro) that made my daily drive lively. They instantly thought of me for they don't know how to get to Makati.

It was only now that I've learned that Pacific Plans was acquired by the former owner of Asian Spirit (now ZestAir) and renamed it Abundance Providers and Investments Corp. (APIC) with offices at the 19th and 21st floors of PEAK Tower at 107 Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati.

One of my passengers went to APIC office to terminate her educational plan for her daughter, something I advised her not to do since her plan is still honored by APIC.
She just wanted to be sure so she went for it. She's actually on her third time to visit the APIC office and claim her plan. She also said she'll be able to get the full amount plus interest some later time.

With the current mess of the pre-need industry, I remember the time when I got offers left and right from CAP agents and other pre-need firms, ten years ago about the wisdom of investing in a zero-age educational plan was well worth it. My risk-averse attitude got the better of me as well as my low salary back then.

I just have a program of preparing for my child's education in the future this early. I just hope he'll grow up to be a responsible son.



  2. I understand that PPI was bought by APIC now as I got a letter of notice from APEC Plans. As a planholder, I would just like to inquire some queries of the memorial plan. I would like to send an email from your company but I don't see any email address posted in your website. Is there any email address you can provide so your planholders can reach out to you immediately. Shall await your response.


  3. I'm from davao city. I'm also a plan holder of ppi(memorial plan). Can I have the exact address of your field office here? Thanks.

  4. Anybody who knows the email address of APIC for verification of former Pacific Plans memorial plan? Thank you!

  5. gud day!!
    i just want to know the contact no. email address
    i have so many questions regarding to my certification.
    can you send me their contacts plss!!!! asap!!!

  6. I'm from General Santos City, I'm also a plan holder of ppi (pension plan and memorial plan). I sent my registered mail dated February 3, 2012 inquiring your exact address of your field office in Gensan City or in Davao City please reply. Thank you!

  7. I think we should buy plans only to reliable and reputable as well as top pre need companies in the Philippines.