Monday, June 29, 2009

Pacific Plans, now APIC, Pre-need Claims

It's one of those days when I went to Makati with passengers I took to Peak Tower on L.P. Leviste St. (formerly Alfaro) that made my daily drive lively. They instantly thought of me for they don't know how to get to Makati.

It was only now that I've learned that Pacific Plans was acquired by the former owner of Asian Spirit (now ZestAir) and renamed it Abundance Providers and Investments Corp. (APIC) with offices at the 19th and 21st floors of PEAK Tower at 107 Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati.

One of my passengers went to APIC office to terminate her educational plan for her daughter, something I advised her not to do since her plan is still honored by APIC.
She just wanted to be sure so she went for it. She's actually on her third time to visit the APIC office and claim her plan. She also said she'll be able to get the full amount plus interest some later time.

With the current mess of the pre-need industry, I remember the time when I got offers left and right from CAP agents and other pre-need firms, ten years ago about the wisdom of investing in a zero-age educational plan was well worth it. My risk-averse attitude got the better of me as well as my low salary back then.

I just have a program of preparing for my child's education in the future this early. I just hope he'll grow up to be a responsible son.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Voice Activated Email and Computer Access

How would you like to get the latest innovation in email technology where you only have to say voice commands to access your email, read and even reply without even hitting a single key or clicking the mouse buttons?

I know quite a number of senior people who have that kind of access

afflicted with technophobia, they simply tell their secretaries to check their emails, read some and even reply to them.

It's a security risk actually but as long they can trust their secretaries, as security is all about trust, it's ok.

teaching old people computer skills is daunting unless you get the techie lola of the Bayan DSL ad :P

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Analog TV out, Digital TV Standard in the Philippines Still To Be Determined

The recent switching off of all analog TV signals in the US caught some people off-guard still using analog TVs and antennas.

Not that they can't use their old analog TVs anymore but they need to buy a gadget called "set top box," some sort of analog to digital tv converter (prize subsidized byt the government).

In the Philippines, there's still the tug-of-war between two digital tv standards: Japanese ISDB-T (integrated services digital broadcasting-terrestrial) and the European standard DVB-T (digital video broadcasting-terrestrial). Both ISDB-T and DVB-T standards allow high definition video delivered in widescreen format and various interactive services including video on-demand video.

I'm holding off the purchase of a new TV, particularly an LCD TV for now and now adopting a wait-and-see attitude on this

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Microsoft Search Engine BING Meaning: Because It's Not Google

It was only recently In Sydney, Australia that I've learned that Microsoft has a new search engine demonstrated by our instructor. At first I thought it's an Aussie search engine that's why I inquired

then he showed me it's been quite a while MS renamed their search engine to BING and wondered why they chose to brand the new search engine as BING: Because It's Not Google! :P

Tenable Nessus Error on Windows Vista: Invalid Challenge Response

I'm trying to install Nessus Vulnerability Scanner (version 4.0.1) at home on Windows Vista Basic and the installation went fine but registering the product stalled my effort for quite some time with the error message below:

the error message comes after I enter the activation key and clicked Register. I can't start the Nesses server and therefore can't also condifure the daemon. If I try to re-register the same registration code, i get a message that the code has already been used so I need to get another code the Tenable website.

Frustrated, I also tried Nessus Off-line registration (without an internet connection), got the nessus-fetch.rc installed and I was able to start the nessus daemon at Services but still can't get past the initial screen of Nessus Server Manager.

Is this another one of Windows Vista problems or just Nessus? Will try to post this on the Nessus Discussion forum for answers, solutions or workarounds.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Information Security and Conflicts of Interest

I used to handle both Information Security and Auditor, I know but it happened because our Internal Auditor left.

I know I can perform both but the situation is really conflict of interest. Now that we have an Internal Auditor, other conflicting roles came out to the surface

Conflict of interests mostly uncovered were roles that doesn't adhere to segregation of duties. I know many banks who have a listed Information Security Officer just to comply with BSP mandate but the personnel is actually doing another function.

Information Security needs to be independent from IT or Operations and needs to report to management directly. Any InfoSec officer or IT security officer is not a good one if he's reporting to the IT head.

Independence is the key!