Thursday, May 07, 2009

Windows Movie Maker Import MP3 Error and Solution on Vista

Feeling bored with nothing much to do, I tinkered with some pictures and decided to create a movie out of them with a background music using Windows Movie maker that comes with Windows Vista Home Premium

After arranging the storybook, I imported an mp3 file as background, but later decided to change it into another mp3 file but encountered error that the file can't be imported without any indication of the error.

I searched around for any solution to the problem, with various forums discussing the problem but never really offered a solution.

At this juncture, I tried to find the out myself how to solve it. I compared the 2 mp3 files for any differences (but rate, encoder, file size et al), tried to erase MP3 file information using the built-in properties editor of Vista to no avail.

When I noticed that the thumbnail of the mp3 file that can be imported into Windows Movie Maker was generic while the one that can't be imported has an artwork, I opened the mp3 file in iTunes and deleted the artwork.

I then tried to import the now artwork-less file in Windows Movie Maker and it worked (if it did not i migght try doing it in Windows XP Professional like the error of QuickPWN) I was able to finish the movie with my song of choice.

I know but I really don't like Vista, too many broken things left unexplained!

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