Thursday, May 07, 2009

Firefox Crashes in Windows Vista Problem, Is there a Solution?

My Firefox 3 always crash randomly while browsing on Windows Vista Home Premium. Again, forums have no clear and definite cause and solution, not even on so i'm investigating this myself.

one of my observations is that it crashes everytime I click a link to open an email in gmail. Will have to check if it's the culprit or probably a Google Seach link will crash or have it shut down.

I'm also thinking of disabling all of my add-ons and plugins and enabling them one by one to eliminate my hunch that it's one of the Firefox extensions that's causing the crash. At first I suspected it's due to an update in one extension that's causing the crash (where in Windows XP, the browser just slows down or hangs, but not crash without any errors for forensics purpose)

McAffee Siteadvisor
Adblock Plus
Add N Edit Cookies
Microsoft.Net Framework Assistant

As of now, I'm using Internet explorer 8 for my Gmail and blogger account. will test Firefox 3 with google if it still crashes, I might disable CustomizeGoogle first.

I will also try to simulate using Windows Saafe Mode

This will be updated until I find the solution myself or the problem solved somewhere on the Internet

Windows Vista Firefox crash really caused by Gmail, I stopped using Gmail on Firefox and that solved the problem. I will simulate uninstalling one of the add-ons later to see if it still crashes. Maybe I start with Customize Google

SOLUTION: This problem was fixed recently with the release of Firefox 3.0.11. SO it's really a Firefox problem with Vista and not of any plugin that's why I wasn't able to fix it.

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