Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Cheap" NLEX Towing: Wrecker of Moods

This happened to mommy just last Black Saturday on NLEX on their way to Manila.

Mommy has been treating all her jeepney drivers' families to an annual outing at a beach. This time, she treated them to a beach somewhere in Morong, Bataan.
One of the drivers forgot to diesel up before going back and so ran out of diesel on NLEX. When the jeepney stalled, the ever alert highway patrol policemen got to them together with a tow truck and inquired about the problem. When they learned about what happened, they told mom that if they can't leave the shoulder after 30 minutes, they'll tow the jeepney to the gasoline station for PhP1,500.00.

But they proposed a cheaper alternative to the "wrecker" service where they will buy the diesel at the gas station for PhP1000.00 only.

Mom thought about it and agreed since it's cheaper than towing the jeepney and she's afraid about traffic violation tickets and fines (though I told her later there's no fine, the wrecker will just town the jeepney to the gas station). The policemen took the driver with them to the gas station, bought PhP200.00 worth of diesel in a plastic container, returned to the jeepney.

The policemen thus earned PhP800.00 in the "heist" and my mom PhP700.00 and it's Black Saturday.

Lesson: always check your fuel tanks of else be "helped" by enterprising NLEX police

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