Saturday, April 18, 2009

Latest Ted Failon Wife Suicide Brouhaha

The news is already all over the place. Ted Failon's wife comitted suicide. The apparent cause, as reported by some media, was said to financial problems. A certain tabloid even reported Failon's wife allegedly emptied their savings reported to be about twenty million pesos in an investment scam (for samples of scams, please click the Scam label on the right navigation pane).

Ted Failon, real name Mario Teodoro Etong, is a hard-hitting radio commentator of ABS-CBN and police really expected him to be alert as to report the apparent suicide to the police.

The maids and drivers won't be absolved from obstruction of justice even if they didn't know that they need to preserve the "crime scene" for SOCO to document and aanalyze for forensic pusposes. This must be something they "learned" from ABS-CBN and GMA teleseryes where it's ok to clean them and thus remain ignorant of proper legal actions (yeah, i lament the way teleserye writes keep writing stupid plots and twists and story lines further adding to the miseducation of the common pinoy). They also are not aware of their rights that police should never treat them like that as sehown on TV. They can't be manhandled by police, and detained without proper legal procedures.

Quezon City policemen are now also being investigated for the overkill as if they really have an ax to grind against Ted Failon.

ABS-CBN, again in their biased reporting style, are all praises. I don't know but I just don't believe them much more if it's Boy Abunda holding the mic. They have a vested interest in this case, moreso that i don't trust them to deliver unbiased news like they always do with GMA (i'm not a pro-GMA but i still don't like the way they present one-sided stories and commentaries)

I expect the headlines to contain this in a few more days. Th country only needs another major headline to talk about to forget about more important and pressing things.

Ted Failon's wife wake is at Arlington Funeral on Araneta Avenue, Quezon City and is not open to the public. No information yet on interment date.

It's a good thing, the latest news, that another hostage of the Abu Sayyaf was recently released and it will provide some respite on this news item that I consider not fit for national consumption.

Just leave them alone, focus on more important matters!

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