Monday, April 27, 2009

Latest Outbreak Mexico Swine Flu Vaccine/Cure

The last time it was bird flu in Asia, now it's swine flu halfway around
the world centered in Mexico City.

I found it funny for some people I know who reacted to the latest news update about swine flu where they sought out flu vaccine as if the P1000 shot they got is is effective against the virus. At least they're protected from human flu for a year but not against swine flu

Herewith are some words of wisdom for swine flu accoriding to WHO:

Q. What is swine flu?

Swine flu is a highly contagious acute respiratory disease normally
found in pigs (swine)

Latest news on swine flu points to a possible pandemic with numerous
deaths in Mexico City, as well as reported cases in Texas and canada.

Q. Swine Flu Symptoms?

A. Sudden fever above 38 degrees (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit), cough,
headache, aching joints, nasal congestion and general fatigue.

Q. How to perform swine flu diagnosis

A. Clinical examination of secretions from the nose and mouth in the
first 24-72 hours after presenting symptoms, and a study of blood
samples to detect existence of influenza virus.

Q. Where do swine flu outbreaks occur?

A. Swine flu is found in the United States, and outbreaks in pigs have
also been reported Canada , South America, Europe, Africa and parts of
eastern Asia. Latest surveillance reported two suspected cases in Paris,
France; 10 "likely" cases in New Zealand et al.

Q. Is there such a thing as swine flu vaccine?

A. While pigs in North America are vaccinated for swine flu, no vaccine
exists for humans. The flu virus evolves quickly, meaning that vaccines
are soon useless.

Q. How do humans get infected with the swine flu virus?

A. Infections is via contact with pigs, some new cases point to
human-to-human transmission though.

Q. Is it safe to eat pork in food?

A. According to The World Health Organization, properly handled and
prepared pork products are safe to eat. The swine flu virus dies when
cooked at temperatures of 160ºF/70ºC higher.

Q. What are possible treatments for swine flu (cure)?

A. The swine flu virus detected in Mexico and the United States appears
to respond to treatment with oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir
(Relenza). Be wary of side effects though in misuse.

Q. How to prevent swine flu infection:

A. For swine flu prevention, follow these tips:

maintain good hygiene e.g. regular hand-washing and staying a safe
distance from those infected, wear a mask. Do not greet someone with a
kiss or handshake; do not share food, cutlery or glasses; ventilate
homes and offices, keep clean common items such as telephones.

Sources: WHO latest news and information on Swine Flu

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heroes' Micah Sanders Doesn't Know About Internet Anonymity

While watching Heroes Season 3 episode 24 titled "I am Sylar," Danko and Sylar were able to trace the location of Micah, aka Rebel, at his secret hideout

Micah Sanders, with the ability to talk and control machines, was not killed by Sylar and even helped him get away.

In the story, it' seems Micah just don't know how to cloak himself from the Internet or from the text message. He should've have made the effort to use privacy and anonymity tools to hide himself so that Danko won't be able to find him

But if he knew how, there would never be a story about him

looking forward to the last episode of Heroes Season 3: An Invisible Thread!

How to File for Child Support: Claims against OFW with POEA and OWWA

This is a follow-up to the earlier successful annulment case of someone I know who's granted an annulment in a short span of time

after the annulment case, the father of her son went away jobless and like a boy hanging onto the skirt of his mother but lately we've found out now has a job at a luxury cruise abroad.

now comes step two: filing child support case or child abandonment

I've love to see other boys (not men) behind bars if they still continue to ignore their children alone with their mother without child support.

I asked a lawyer friend how to file child support from OFWs hiding abroad and now that we know the father's company/agency and the cruise ship's name, i instructed my friend to inquire at the POEA for the gaency's contact number and later the OWWA for assistance.

This post will be updated once there are bloggable stuff for people also looking for process and procedures on going after the runaway father (and mothers too who abandoned their child/ren without financial support)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Watch Paquiao Hatton Fight Live Streaming or at SM Cinemas?

My Internet's kinda spotty right now with frequent disconnection of Bayan DSL. It's really annoying when I'm downloading something from a site that doesn't allow resuming broken downloads

I watched Pacquiao's previous fights live online from various websites that offered such service. I will just need to update this post for the links and/or how-to if you want to offer live video streaming on your own blog.

Should I watch Pacquiao vs Hatton on live video streaming or should I just shell out P300 ticket for a good time at nearby Walter Mart, SM, Trinoma or other malls?

Whatcha think?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

SEC: Prudentialife License to Sell Pre-Need Plans Revoked

Another case of pre-need plan in need?

The latest news is that SEC announced the cancellation of Prudentialife's license to sell pre-need plans due to the companies deficiencies in trust fund.

The stop to selling new plans does not really mean Prudentialife is bankrupt, they need to submit new assets to plug the deficiencies in their trust fund.

Is this the same as CAP and Pacific Plans hit by traditional pre-need and educational plans?

I can see lots of comments from people wishing how to apply for a refund for their pre-need plans bought from Prudentialife as well as how to apply for reimbursements.
Try to call prudentialife hotline (if anyone will answer), email their customer care (as if they really care) or visit their main office on EDSA, Mandaluyong City (if you get past the long lines of people inquiring how to get their money back)

I did try to complain about their agents unethical selling practice but fell on deaf ears of Prudentialife Plans.

People still receive text messages enticing them to claim their "prize" at their office on Rada St in Makati. :(

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Mar Roxas, Korina Sanchez Wedding Latest News

The romance between politician Mar Roxas and tv personality Korina Sanchez again made annoucements that they're getting hitched and soon to tie the knot

Or so it seems. It's been like that every national elections.

I wonder what they're up to now...updates soon probably for the official announcement or during the Roxas clan reunion.

All I can say is: di ko kayo pababayaan, lalaban tayo!

'Nough said!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Latest Ted Failon Wife Suicide Brouhaha

The news is already all over the place. Ted Failon's wife comitted suicide. The apparent cause, as reported by some media, was said to financial problems. A certain tabloid even reported Failon's wife allegedly emptied their savings reported to be about twenty million pesos in an investment scam (for samples of scams, please click the Scam label on the right navigation pane).

Ted Failon, real name Mario Teodoro Etong, is a hard-hitting radio commentator of ABS-CBN and police really expected him to be alert as to report the apparent suicide to the police.

The maids and drivers won't be absolved from obstruction of justice even if they didn't know that they need to preserve the "crime scene" for SOCO to document and aanalyze for forensic pusposes. This must be something they "learned" from ABS-CBN and GMA teleseryes where it's ok to clean them and thus remain ignorant of proper legal actions (yeah, i lament the way teleserye writes keep writing stupid plots and twists and story lines further adding to the miseducation of the common pinoy). They also are not aware of their rights that police should never treat them like that as sehown on TV. They can't be manhandled by police, and detained without proper legal procedures.

Quezon City policemen are now also being investigated for the overkill as if they really have an ax to grind against Ted Failon.

ABS-CBN, again in their biased reporting style, are all praises. I don't know but I just don't believe them much more if it's Boy Abunda holding the mic. They have a vested interest in this case, moreso that i don't trust them to deliver unbiased news like they always do with GMA (i'm not a pro-GMA but i still don't like the way they present one-sided stories and commentaries)

I expect the headlines to contain this in a few more days. Th country only needs another major headline to talk about to forget about more important and pressing things.

Ted Failon's wife wake is at Arlington Funeral on Araneta Avenue, Quezon City and is not open to the public. No information yet on interment date.

It's a good thing, the latest news, that another hostage of the Abu Sayyaf was recently released and it will provide some respite on this news item that I consider not fit for national consumption.

Just leave them alone, focus on more important matters!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Cheap" NLEX Towing: Wrecker of Moods

This happened to mommy just last Black Saturday on NLEX on their way to Manila.

Mommy has been treating all her jeepney drivers' families to an annual outing at a beach. This time, she treated them to a beach somewhere in Morong, Bataan.
One of the drivers forgot to diesel up before going back and so ran out of diesel on NLEX. When the jeepney stalled, the ever alert highway patrol policemen got to them together with a tow truck and inquired about the problem. When they learned about what happened, they told mom that if they can't leave the shoulder after 30 minutes, they'll tow the jeepney to the gasoline station for PhP1,500.00.

But they proposed a cheaper alternative to the "wrecker" service where they will buy the diesel at the gas station for PhP1000.00 only.

Mom thought about it and agreed since it's cheaper than towing the jeepney and she's afraid about traffic violation tickets and fines (though I told her later there's no fine, the wrecker will just town the jeepney to the gas station). The policemen took the driver with them to the gas station, bought PhP200.00 worth of diesel in a plastic container, returned to the jeepney.

The policemen thus earned PhP800.00 in the "heist" and my mom PhP700.00 and it's Black Saturday.

Lesson: always check your fuel tanks of else be "helped" by enterprising NLEX police

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Tamper-proof Birth, Marriage Death Certificates on Security Paper

Tampering of birth certificates for many people to cheat the real age or name in applications is rampant. Forging to marriage certificates also happen to many people for marrying again or faking a death certificate for pension and other fraudulent claims is fast becoming hard to do.

Local civil registrars will no start issuing the certificates using tamper-proof security papers made by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). This means copies of civil registry documents will be assured of clear and secure copies.

The certificates are required for the issuance of passports, visas, and government examinations.

Note that using security papers can make it hard for "recto university" people who make a living by making fake certificates lose business. But many people are so easy to fool that I think it ain't so.

The government should also control scums inside local civil registries and NSO who can alter data on registries for a fee...i have a friend who knew someone inside NSO who does that...change name, age, birthday, without court order...for a fee of course :(