Monday, February 23, 2009

Alkaline Water and Alkaline Diet: The Truth

When I went home last weekend, i drank water from a dispenser at a party and instantly noticed the peculiar taste of the water, similar to the water that was formerly served in the office

it's alkaline water, whose claim, again, is based on a false Alkaline diet, advocated by quacks claiming so many things without solid scientific evidence except a book about the alkaline diet.

Alkaline diet is based on a theory that the food we eat should always be alkaline since our blood is alkaline. Stupid people...our stomach is naturally acidic because the acid is used to digest food while our intestines are basic due to bile...

try to read my earlier post about Fern-C and Alkaline Diet quackery and you'll see the reasons why...

it didn't come from me but from experts and authorities on the subject. Don't ever get fooled by deceptive sales presentation using a light bulb...

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  1. so you telling me this water filter i bought and makes my water make me feel better is all a quack.
    then why have i been feeling great since i started drinking this kind of water.

  2. anonymous, it's just placebo effect...anecdotal and totally out of scientific proof :(

  3. Use Ph strips, spit on them or urinate and you will see a difference before and after. My friend drinks regular water and I drink alkaline. his strips come back acid, mine are more alkaline. Check it out yourself.

  4. You're just selling M-water that's all. We're not stupid.

  5. I salute to your keen research regarding this subject matters, but i guess, you are not researching enough. You know what, you don't have to say people are dumb and stupid. Sadly, they just lack the research. I suggest, you look and study at the two sides of the stories first. And see for yourself which is which and beneficial, that's what a true researcher is.Don't be one sided. And Don't act as if you know everything dude.

  6. Alkaline water is said to be of advantage to individuals health because it allows balances the body's chemistry, which some believe usually run too acidic. Further, supporter observe that many typical meals are also acid, further disturbing the stability. It is stated to aid in the therapy of bronchial asthma, help moisten better between tissues, help symptoms of heartburn, decrease symptoms of heartburn and aid with many other conditions.