Monday, January 05, 2009

How to Block Blog Comment Spam Tips for Blogger/Wordpress

On December 30, 2008, while I was on blog holiday, a spammer went on a spamming frenzy on this blog to comment on a lost cause and probably to catch my attention on something "remarkable"

The spammer spent about 3 hours to post the same comment on almost a hundred posts of this blog...

Tips to avoid Blog Comment Spam:

1. Enable Word Verification, technically called Captcha, effective in weeding out spambots (automated spamming scripts) from humans.

2. Consider moderating comments. It's better than allowing all comments then delete later for greater control. Enabling comment moderation can make do without Word Verification but the latest spammer here indicated I could have slowed the spammer down with the captcha.

3. Look for anti-spam plugins (for wordpress and other blogging platform) but like other anti-spam tools, you need to review the spam filder for false-positives.

4. Disable comment box or disallowing comments. I did this for the most spammed post in this blog.

5. Try to block the IP address of the spammer if using a static IP address.

6. Try to contact the ISP of the spammer for abuse i violation of their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

you want to know who's spamming me? they're guys/agents of Fern-C on a spamming frenzy!

about the spam deluge, the spammer's effort of 3 hours spamming comments, stole about three minutes of my time deleting them. I don't want to waste more time reading a "press release" as if it will change anything. I just want them to stop doing those deceptive sales presentation of theirs.

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