Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Genealogy: How to trace Family Tree in the Philippines

Did you ever feel curious on who your ancestors were? If you have a blood line to a hero or a criminal? Or simply to trace where a mysterious genetic disorder first appeared in your family tree?

I once tried to trace my family tree but got a dead-end early due to lack of information sources. Too bad my granparents were already dead when I need to ask them so many questions.

For those still interested in tracing their family tree, you need to start with your relatives, parents and grandparents for the immediate tree. Then ask old people for information.

Consult records of birth registries in your town and church records for baptisms (particularly for Catholics)

Try also to buy or use a genealogy software or family tree software to make it easy to document and search, instead of just using paper or simple spreadsheet.

One of the best available resource right now is in the hands of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, popularly called Mormons, with their central temple on Temple Drive, Green Meadows Quezon City.

The Mormons, being family-oriented, took the task of creating and archiving copies in microfilm of birth registries and church records and was able to create a searchable database of family genealogies that they call Family Seach.

Tracing family trees is a worthwhile activity, highly rewarding. Records should always be updated. Some information kept in the dark may come out like records of infidelity and adoptions but they're already part of history and should never be changed but rather learn from it.


  1. This is very interesting!
    I'm very unfortunate too because I didn't know any relative from my paternal side. My Papa was only less than two years old when his father died. So he himself had no way of tracing his father's family :(

  2. dodong, that's too bad. but I tell you go visit the Mormon temple in Greenmeadows..they have the records you want :P