Saturday, January 17, 2009

Color Temperature: Halogen, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Daylight and Combined Lighting

As i've just bought a remote control for my Nikon D80 plus a light tent to make my own cheap table top studio combined with amy table halogen lamp and tripod.

This time, i appreciated setting my camera's color temperature to achieve white balance using halogen continuous lighting not possible with my old Canon EOS 300D camera (walang K)

Color temperature settings I googled and experimented on:

Daylight:5500 degrees Kelvin
Fluorescent: around 5500 Kelvin degrees
Tungsten: 2700-2800K
Neodymium lamps: around 3000 Kelvin degrees
Halogen lamps: 2800 to 3400 K


An 80B filter converts 3200K light to 5500K. You'll need a combination of an 80B with an 82A to correct the light from a household bulb to approximate 5500K.

correction filter for use of daylight films with halogen lamps is the 80A.
Light bulbs, a stronger blue filter, a 80B

Incandescent includes tungsten, neodymium, halogen

As Tungsten Incandescent bulbs age the color temperature gets continuously lower (more red/yellow); not the case with Halogen lights. Dimming either type of light shifts the color temperature downward (becomes more red/yellow)

I wonder what's the setting for white balance when doing underwater photography :P

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