Friday, January 16, 2009

Air21 Door to Door Delivery

I ordered a few items from an online store in Binondo selling photography equipment

Haida IR filter,
photobox (light tent)
and remote control for my Nikon D80

i requested them to be sent to me via courier after depositing the payment to their bank account.

The items were delivered to me the following day for P168 fee.
the 168 is ominous probably for the Chinese who sent the items to me. I still have to test the items though particularly the remore control and the Haida IR filter

It seems Air21 is cheaper than LBC...there's an LBC branch near my home but i didn't like the attitude of the people there, too indiferrent and don't know how to smile.


  1. Hello... Can I ask how the Haida IR filter worked out? The price is much lower than the equivalent Hoya, but I can't find any reviews.

  2. misterx, thank you for reminding me. i've yet to fully test it. i just used it once but i still don't know the correct color temperature so i got the color wrong. will re-test it as i'm home for self-quarantine...just came from abroad. once i get it, will post a separate entry for it