Monday, December 21, 2009

Repair Digital Dashboard/Instrument Panel: Odometer, Speedometer, RPM and Temperature Gauges

I've been posting too many car-related articles here since Ondoy left my car damaged. After all the cleaning and mounting costs, here comes another one that I need: where can I have my Toyota Vios' digital instrument panel repaired?

My car's gauges were cleaned myself 2 days after Ondoy and I saw it working on the third day and even a month after. But when my car was revived, the instument panel was no longer working except the various indicator lamps: check engine, turn signal, parking brake, SRS, et al but the RPM gauges and meters: odometer, speedometer, fuel gauge and temperature are no longer there and also the indicator for Parking/Reverse/Neutral/Drive/L, 2

I was hoping to find someone who can repair digital instrument panel (Toyota Vios 1.5G part number: 83800-0DB20) to save on cost for a new one costs arout P20,000.00 (not Toyota Casa price). I don't need an odometer rollback as it's unethical to do so besides the fact that my car's actual mileage is just around 25,000 kilometers after 3.5 years...

Should you happen to offer the service, do let me know or if i find the time and courage due to desperation, I might even try to repair it DIY as i've been an electronics technician before I became an electronics engineer. I will need to buy new tools to re-kindle my interest in electronics though.


I was able to repair digital instrument panel after a few days tweaking with it. Saved me P30k cost of new unit from Toyota casa :P

possible entry keywords:
Digital instrument panel repair, odometer hacking, odometer rollback, digital speedometer, digital dashboard, odometer repair, speedometer calibration, tweaking, Toyota (altis, corolla, fortuner, yaris, echo, funcargo), Honda (city, civic, accord, crv), Mitsubishi (lancer, montero), Isuzu, Mazda, Hyundai, Nissan (sentra), Ford, GM, et al

Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to Remove Water from Automatic Transmission Fluid

If you're like me who was victimized by typhoon Ondoy or got your car submerged in flood waters, chances are that your engine's soaked in water

In addition to change oil, gasoline/diesel, brake fluid and other stuff, a change ATF needs to be done again about two to three times before you can really get rid of water in your car's transmission system.

An ATF change costs about P700 at Shell service stations plus P75 price for labor. Instead of just changing ATF, why not ask the mechanic to open the transmission cover plate to drain it throroughly by using an air compressor rather than requesting another costly ATF change.

It worked for me...
the mechanic on duty received a nice tip from me :P

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Paquiao vs Mayweather Fight Latest News and Updates

for information of boxing fanatics the Pacquiao - Mayweather fight details

the following questions and updates on the Pacquiao - Mayweather fight will be answered soon...

Pacquiao - Mayweather fight date: March 13, 2010
Pacquiao - Mayweather fight venue: Not yet finalized but probably Las Vegas
Pacquiao Mayweather Tale of the Tape
Pacquiao - Mayweather fight Training
Pacquiao - Mayweather fight Fight Predictions
Pacquiao - Mayweather fight results
Pacquiao - Mayweather results who won?

Pacquiao Mayweather

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Free Downloads Heroes Webisodes Watch Online Outside the US

I admit it. I'm such a Heroes fanatic outside the US that I'm always finding ways to watch Heroes webisodes online or download them to my PC just to be filled in with various plots and storylines

I already have these except the last one for Slow Burn

1. Going Postal
2. Destiny
3. The Recruit
4. Hard Knox
5. Nowhere Man
6. Slow Burn

I also have the complete Heroes Season 1, Heroes Season 2, Heroes Season 3, Heroes Season 4 episodes.

also looking where to get heroes graphic novels downloads or novels for free and clean i.e. no trojans/viruses/spyware bugging me

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mang Mario Car Aircon Repair Quezon City

For those living in or near Quezon City looking for a reliable and trustworthy car aircon technician/specialist, just drop by the home shop of Mario Reyes (known as Mang Mario) in Bago Bantay, Quezon City at the back of SM City North EDSA.

Aircon repair cost (cheap):
P1500 for dashboard cleaning, freon, magnetic coil and bearing replacement that took 4 hours for Toyota Vios. Cost was later haggled down to P3700 including the magnetic coil (P1500) and bearing replacement (P900)

P700 for dashboard cleaning of Mistubishi Lancer

how to get there? from makati EDSA, head up to SM City North EDSA then turn right at the road between SM Main and The Annex. Drive all the way to the end of the road (Ilocos Sur) then turn right. Turn left on seeing the welcome arch then left again on the second corner. Shop address is 146 Fort Santiago St. Aircon Shop is just a home. Go there early on saturdays for they have lost of customers. They do cleaning only in the morning. Try to call telephone numbers for rough estimate 9201708.

Nope. I'm not paid to post this recommendation. Am just a satisfied customer recently when I had my Toyota Vios aircon repaired and dashboard cleaned by them. They even had rusty parts of the dashboard spray painted to prevent further corrosion.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Signature Analysis and Forgery Detection Seminar/Training

Just an announcement for BAIPHIL members (and not) if you're interested in learning about Singature analysis and forgery for checks, contracts, et al



ON : NOVEMBER 26, 2009 (THURSDAY); 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

AT: Function Hall, La Maja Rica Hotel,
Mac Arthur Hi-Way corner Ligtasan Street,
Tarlac City


Consultant, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)

Seminar Fee: P1,200.00/participant for member/non-member banks
(Inclusive of snacks, lunch, certificate of attendance and materials.)


For reservation/s, please contact the BAIPhil Secretariat at Tel. Nos. (02)831-0081, 832-5890 with Fax No. (02)832-5889 or email at

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lenovo Ideapad Y430 LCD Screen Flicker Problem

I had my old HP nx9040 notebook replaced about 7 months ago with a shiny new Lenovo Y430 ideapad and everything seemed to work fine

until a few weeks ago when I noticed the screen flickering (sort of flashing) regularly every few seconds after boot up. It used to be only for a few minutes but lately become qutie annoying that I reported the problem to my office technical support.

I know it's not an LCD screen problem so I requested an LCD monitor to be temporarily used since it the flicker strains my eyes that I can't work anymore and stare at the computer screen.

The laptop is still under warranty and I requested for Lenovo Support Singapore (with office in Citibank Tower, Paseo de Roxas, Makati) through my supplier Zenshin.

Will post updates, actual problems, workarounds and solutions later

UPDATE: Lenovo replaced my notebook's LCD for free (took two weeks with Lenovo Philippines through Zenshin, my supplier) since it's still under warranty...a month before warranty expiry :P

Paquiao - Mayweather Fight is Boring...Except for the Money Involved

a break from techie stuff...

We all know the latest news and update on Pacquiao vs Mayweather is just about the money

yes, it's just about the money with Pacquiao's last fight outsold Mayweather's last fight against Marquez by about 50%. For sure Mayweather will no longer demand for a 65-35 split of PPV revenues but he can if he really doesn't want to fight the boastful boxer from the US

For me, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is a boring boxer. All he does is dance and avoid his opponents, lacks excitement and also avoids risky fights against marquee fighters.

Should the Pacquiao - Mayweather fight indeed push through, the more popular Pacman needs all the defensive skills he needs for Mayweather, like Juan Manuel Marquez, is a counterpuncher.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lusting for Garmin NuviPhone: Mobile Phone GPS

For quite a long time now, I've been lusting for a GPS unit, first with a mapping capability like a Colorado, Oregon or 60CSx but no looked like scaled down to cheaper Nuvi car dashboard-mount units

I just saw the new Asus Garmin NuviPhone G60 and I can't help but ogle at it on the web. But at a price tag of about SG$800 in Singapore and US$500 in the US, my practical side will always win...even the upcoming Garmin nuviphone m20 can make me buy it. I can however buy a Nokia cellphone or a Sony Ericsson with GPS functionality.

Hope to order my Garmin Nuvi 1300 soon...and post reviews plus sources of the latest updated Philippine maps for GPS enthusiasts

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toyota ECU/Computer Box Price Discounts?

Almost two months after Typhoon Ondoy struck and here I am still waiting for my Toyota Vios 1.5G to be resurrected due to a damaged Engine Control Unit (ECU), popularly called computer box

Two of my officemates' cars, both new, were also submerged, the first is a Nissan Sentra (two weeks old) and the second's a Mitsubishi Lancer (2 months old). Both ECUs were repaired already and cars running fine...

My Toyota's ECU cannot be repaired with a damaged chip (a Fujitsu 10 21194-1230 chip) and ECU part number 89661-0D250 with engine number 1NZ-FE (1.5L A/T) notorious with car shops saying the computer box was disposable and cannot be repaired.

At my first inquiry with Toyota about 2 weeks after Ondoy, the ECU was priced at P36k. But since I was hoping my ECU can be repaired, I tarried and waited for it to be repaired only to tbe told that it can't bre rescued.

I again inquired from all nearby Toyota casa promo and heard of 40% discount valid until April 2010 but learned that the ECU now cost more than P50k and with the 40% discount is now about P31k...

Did they really apply the mark-up then offered the discount to make it more appealing? :(

Later I learned that a surplus 1NZ-FE engine from Japan costs only P30k from a friend of mine who imports whole engines. Those engines come with ECU too. I only imagined if I had known earlier, I could've bought a surplus engine, installed the ECU in my car then sold the surplus engine chop-chop or whole.

The only reservation I have with surplus ECUs is that my engine can really start but some features of my car won't be activated since some sensors/ accesories may not be present in the original car.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Facebook Password Reset Confirmation Phishing Email

I received an email in my corporate email account informing me about a password reset of my Facebook account...what Facebook account? I don't have one

the email has subject lie: "Facebook Password Reset Confirmation" sent from IP address (yeah, email addresses can be easily spoofed but not the source IP address but may be a compromise home PC)

Phishing email has body message:

"Hey xxxx ,

Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed.
You can find your new password in attached document.

The Facebook Team"

the file attachement is a zip file with filename ""

I didn't bother to have file scan with my online anti-virus, keyloggers and malware scanning tools. Running malware analysis might be interesting but sadly, I don't have the time for it.

Just beware of facebook phishing and don't even think of executing the attachment unless you know what you're doing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

GSIS/SSS Calamity Loans Applications

I remember my college life when i usually asked by my mother, a public school teacher, to go to GSIS to apply/follow-up on her loan applications whether salary loan, policy loan, or whatever loan she can get her hands on just to tide us over

GSIS then was at the old GSIS building in front of SM City Manila behind Manila City Hall then it transferred to the new GSIS building at the reclamation area in Pasay City.

those were the days. Back then I knew by heart where to file, and whom to ask even the requirements for loan processing. Now i don't remember the details, i only remember it recently the GSIS vs IBM database issue that's painful not for both of them but for the millions of GSIS pensioners and loan applicants trapped in the middle of the "war"

Typhoon Ondoy again brought back surge for GSIS calamity loans. No idea about SSS calamity loans for i've yet to apply for one.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Computer Box Repair ECU Flooded Cars/Vehicles Don't Come Cheap!

I hate to admit it but I'm one of the probably hundreds of car owners with flood submerged vehicles by typhoon Ondoy.

Since I know my car no longer has warranty and no insurance coverage against "acts of god" that include protection against flood damage.

My two mechanics from Andok's maintenance pointed out that my car's Engine Control Unit (ECU) popularly known as Computer Box and the Whetron Car Alarm and keyless entry system's damaged and need to be repaired/replaced. Note that there's another computer brain found in my Toyota Vios 1.5G and that's the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) computer that may have also been damaged. I already got the boxes withh me cleaned (using contact cleaner i bought from Handyman), and dried using a hair blower/dryer but the same problem that my car engine won't start (after replacing all oils, ATF, gas and coolant).

I'm looking for people and shops who can guarantee, as second opinion, that my ECU and ABS systems are really damaged. Testing, engine scanning and ECU replacement services, at a price cheaper than Toyota Casa. I prefer shops on Banaue (quezon city, araneta avenue, San Juan, and Mandaluyong. An officemate also pointed me to Evangelista St in Bangkal, Makati.

I may have to shell out too much money on this one but I have no choice. heard the ECUs of Honda are more expensive. Don't know about Nissan and Mitsubishi ECUs, new cars of my two peers also submerged plus a Toyota Altis of a director here.

Charge it to experience!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Latest Typhoon Ondoy Flood Pictures Manila

caught me by surprise by typhoon ondoy's watery world when waters started rising around 10am and continued up to around 4pm reaching a floodwater about 7 feet deep

here are two pictures of floods by typhoon Ondoy somewhere in metro manila. More photos only if i have my waterproof camera with me.

typhoon ondoy flood manila
typhoon ondoy flood pictures

Latest news from PAGASA on typhoon Ondoy said it's going northwards. Metro Manila's flooded even makati, manila, quezon city. No news yet on number of deaths and millions of pesos in damages.

I already declared a personal state of calamity: no work on monday September 28, 2009

saddest about it was that my car got totally submerged in water.

gastos again!

Friday, September 18, 2009

iPhone 3G iTunes Error: “We could not complete your iTunes store request,an unknown error occurred (-9808)”

I got a distress call yesterday from an officemate with an iPhone 3G (a
relatively new one even if the iPhone 3GS is already out)

The iPhone had a blank white screen running old firmaware 2.2.1 and after trying to reset it, Id decided to upgrade it to the latest iPhone firmware version to see if it fixes the problem.

As I plugged the iPhone to my notebook and fired up iTunes, I was able to upgrade it to the latest version but an error of iTunes kept popping up that says:

“We could not complete your iTunes store request,an unknown error occurred (-9808)”

After investigation and some logs "forensics" of Windows Vista, I found out it's caused by a certificate revocation error, probably due to my use of an older iTunes version.

Due to lack of time, I just used a workaround solution to "hack" Internet Options (from Internet Explorer Options tab), Advanced and Security to uncheck "“Check for server certificate revocation (requires restart)” then restarted Internet Explorer to effect the change.

When I tried again to access iTunes store, the error did go away.

My officemate was so happy she thought her iPhone's bad and saved her the hassle of visiting Globe business center for local iPhone technical support.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Report Drug Pushers Anonymously PDEA/DDB Hotline

As I've posted sometime ago about a neighbor of mine dealing drugs in my neighborhood. I'm thinking of reporting her anonymous to the dangerous Drugs Board and/or Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and see if those agencies are really doing their jobs or just sleeping in their air-conditioned offices.

How to report drug pushers anonymously:

Call DDB 24-hour Action Center with mobile numbers: 0928-NO DRUGS, 0917-NO DRUGS, and DDB hotline number 929-6623 and also Yahoo Messenger (YM) chat account nodrugsphilippines. report drug pushers, smugglers, drug syndicates, drug mules, drug lords et al

The DDB vows confidentiality to all personalities who will provide information. This I hope is true for many people are willing to report scums if their anonymity is guaranteed.

Note that Imbestigador doesn't cater to anonymous callers/testers requiring personal appearance at GMA 7 Imbestigador office at GMA 7 office on EDSA corner Timog Avenue.

ABS-CBN's XXX has email address for reporting but no information if they allow anonymous whistle blowers.

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

Friday, September 04, 2009

September 7, 2009 is a Non-working Holiday?

As claimed by my officemates and allegedly seen on TV, September 7, 2009, Monday, was declared a non-working holiday.

Ever the skeptic as I am as my officemates already made wrong announcements before, I checked out and, Manila Bulleting and for the official annoucement but no latest news yet posted.

I'm just hoping it's true. All I know is that September 7 is Labor Day in America (celebrated on the first Monday of September) or is it because of the burial of Iglesia Ni Cristo's Erano Manalo that's why it's declared a special non-working holiday.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When someone forces you to withdraw from your ATM: Reversed ATM PIN Hoax Resurrected

I received this email forwarded on the Internet again for the nth time, with subject "Fwd: When someone forces you to withdraw from your ATM" and asking me to forward the email

"Subject: Fwd: When someone forces you to withdraw from your ATM

This is something worth sharing…

When a thief forces you to take money from the ATM, do not argue or
resist. You might not know what he or she might do to you. What you
should do is to punch your PIN in the reverse mode.
I.e. if your PIN # is 1254, you punch 4521.The moment you punch in the
reverse mode, the money will come out, but will be stuck into the
machine half way out and it will alert the Police (security) without
the notice of the thief. Every ATM has it; it is specially made to
signify danger and help. Not everyone is aware of this.

Forward this to all your loved ones, friends and those you care about."


Note that this is an old hoax email circulating on the Internet and now resurrected again. There was a proposal in the US about this but wasn't approved. Coming from a banking industry "slave" this is not true. There are PINs about there that's a palindrome, meaning they spell the same backwards. And if it's true, the police would just arrive late. Just hope the ATM you're using has a surveillance camera to catch the face of your attacker.

Be safe!

How to Remove "This copy of Office is not genuine" Notification from Pirated Microsoft Office Hack

I have a friend with a nagging problem on his PC that everytime he opens a Microsoft Office, a nagbox will display "this copy of office is not genuine." Here are tried and tested solutions to his problem that made it go away


1. Buy genuine Windows Software, it may be expensive but it's their right to display those nagboxes

2. Google for bypass Genuine Windows Validation, used to work by a registry tweak but now inutile.

3. The best solution so far: Dump MS Office and install OpenOffice: It's free and it works. Just have a bit of a problem with Powerpoint animations so far

Note: the Philippines largest bank is using OpenOffice to forgo the large license fees of MS Office in thousands of PCs. Makes perfect business sense to me unlike the former largest bank who hates Open-Source software. Good for them :P

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cheap Nikon Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.8

After about 2.5 years of shifting from Canon to Nikon, I finally was able to buy a new, rather slightly used, Nikon 50mm "nifty fifty" to be my second lens after the walk around Nikkor 18-200 f/3.5-5.6

I'm always on the lookout for cheap lenses at PhPhoto yahoogroups and when sonebody posteed a slightly used Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 prime lens for just P4.5k, I immediately sent a text inquiry and the agreement to meet up at Paseo Center materialized.

Note that the Nikon 50mm f1.8 costs P8k no even on Hidalgo, Quiapo (while canon's nifty fifty price is around P4.5 brand new.

The nifty fifity is a very good and extra sharp lens perfect for portraits but it won't focus (no AF) for D60 DSLRs. I intend to buy an extension tube for me to practice macro photography. I prefer the tube over close-up filters and macro reverse rings and I don't have the moolah for macro lenses

Friday, August 21, 2009

Flash Security with SWFScan: "Application was malformed: Malformed SWF Header" Error

I played around with a free tool SWFScan from HP to scan and detect security probelms flash objects from web applications

At first run against a website with a flash introducction, SWFScan prompted me with the error "The Flash Application was malformed: Malformed SWF Header."

I suspected something wrong with my SWFScan configuration and not with the website for I know there's really nothing wrong with my flash website.

After investigatiion, found these out about the said error:
1. SWFScan doesn't work with proxy servers with authentication (there's no configuraton where you enter the username and password)
2. You may not pe entering the exact URL of the SWF file of the website
2. the data may really be malformed
3. you have no internet access ;P

I recommend this tool for webmasters with flash objects to improve security.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to Dowload Videos CyCorder in iPhone 3G

For those wishing to know how to download videos recorded by Cycroder in
a jailbroken Iphone 3G/3Gs.

How to download Cycorder Videos in iPhone 3G procedure

1. Download and install iPhoneBrowser in your PC.

2. Connect your iPhone to the your PC using the supplied USB cable

3. Open iPhoneBrowser and navigate to the file location:
Raw File System\private\var\mobile\Media\videos\

4. Select the desired file, right click then choose "Save AS" or just copy/paste the Videos folder to your PC

Thursday, August 13, 2009

APCN2 Cable Break Slows Down Internet Access in the Philippines

The latest submarine cable break of APCN2 (Asia Pacific Cable Network) disrupted Internet access of Smart Broadband (Smart Bro) and partial slowdown of Globe Broadband

We use Globe and Bayantel in the office while I use Bayan DSL at home (that's a bit slow today).

I don't know how it affected Digitel and Sun 3G Broadband while PLDT MyDSL would probably be affected too.

Cable breaks are really a pain in the...In my "past life" as an internetwork engineer at Eastern Telecoms (ETPI now Eastern Communications), cable breaks last for weeks with no definite target of repair since cable retriever ships will sail and search for the underwater cable break for repairs. It's not an easy task and updates just trickle in once the cable repair ship reaches the estimated cable segment that needs to be reconnected (re-spliced is the proper term since all of them use fiber optic technology).

I will sometimes restore internet links using satellite backup links or other cable links like C2C, TGN-IA (TyCom Global Network-Intra Asia Cable System) and SEA-ME-WE 3 then use BGP routing to balance the links and prioritize premium clients over dial-up and DSL users with their minimum guaranteed bandwitch called committed access rate (CIR/CAR).

At least my office connection (dual-homed Globe and Bayantel) are doing fine while this Bayan DSL is quite ok though I will disconnect this to switch to Sun 3G wireless broadband due to crappy service.

Has your Internet connection been unbearable lately? Now you know the reason why.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Slot-Loading DVD Drive Won't Eject Disk Problem and Solution

I have a few months old Lenovo Ideapad Y430 notebook equipped with a slot-loading CD/DVD drive, the one with no tray that comes out for you to put the disk on and instead the disk is sucked inside the drive when you insert one.

Recently, I noticed certain compact disks wont' come out or eject out of the drive and instead get stuck inside and played again by my OS, either crappy Windows Vista or Ubuntu Linux.

At one time, I only held on to the drive opening and the disk ejected as if I cleared an obstacle for the optical disk to eject.

Today, I tried to play a DVD video disk in my laptop DVD player but it later won't come out and unendingly returned inside to play and the LED drive lights just kept of flashing.

Note that Slot-loading disk drives don't have the magic small hole on the drive where you insert an pin or wire to push a mechanism for the drive to eject the disk.

After many attempts and observing how the disk got stuck inside the drive, I got a piece of paper, inserted it inside the drive, over the stuck DVD disk and pressed the eject button-- the disk ejected successfully.

To make sure it's not a fluke, I reinserted the disk, made sure it's stuck again and repeated my "magic paper" solution and it again worked.

I found out that disks, whether CD or DVD, should not be thicker than standard thickness. My DVD has a sticker on it that made it slightly thicker than other disks that's why the extra thickness bumped inside the drive that resulted to the failed ejections.

The next time you face a problem like I did, don't panic and don't call support. Get a piece and paper wand your disk will be ejected in no time!

If you like this post, you can donate to my Paypal account. Remember I saved you a few dollars and time from calling your laptop Customer Support :P

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sun Cellular Broadband 3G Internet Settings with Mobile Phone as USB Modem

I had just bought a new LG KF311 3g-capable mobile phone from LG outlet in SM City North EDSA simply because I wanted to have a backup to my crappy Bayan DSL Internet connection

After testing the basic functions of my phone, I went to the Sun Cellular business center at the 4th floor of SM The Annex but I left after observing how slow their customer service counters were moving, much slower than Cory Aquino's cortege going to Manila Memorial Park (imagine i'm #37 and they're still serving #125 with more than 15 minutes per number...i didn't waste my time just to inquire how to setup my internet using mobile phone)

How to setup Sun Cellular Internet using Mobile Phone as Modem:

1. Connect your mobile phone to PC using USB cable supplied
2. Use the CD installed with the mobile phone to install the PC Suite and USB driver software.
3. to setup your Internet connection, use "minternet" as APN setting and *99# for Call number (this i copied from Smart's number since I can't find the info on the Internet and I can't get through to Sun Cellular Hotline 200)
4. I was able to finally connect and use my new Internet connection.

Initial Sun Broadband Internet Review is that it's fairly decent but lacking my speed expectations but I'm sure, in my area, it's faster than Globe Tatoo due to absence of 3G signal at home.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

House of Representatives to Honor Cory Aquino and yet still want to go on with Cha-cha!

How could you, my "beloved" congressmen, honor Cory Aquino if you still want to push through with charter change. Didn't you know that it's Cory's gift to the Filipino people that you're trying to amend to suit your own ends?

Cory, unlike the present sitting president whose boots you lick, could've had prolonged herself in power having come from a revolutionary government yet instead used her powers to draft a new constitution.

The 1986 Constitution is not perfect but the amendments proposed are not really necessary.

Stop dreaming and leave Cory's gift alone. That's the best honor you'll give her in these days.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free Blackberry Storm from Globe Promo?

My officemates asking me for confirmation about a flyer of Globe's latest promo offering "free" blackberry Storm for all their existing plan holders for just P700/month

It turned out the plan was just access to Internet using Blackberry Storm and not the phone itself.

Sounds too good to be fine print on the brochure.

Don't bother calling Globe hotline about it, you won't get the new phone for P700/month on top of your postpaid bill.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nettop ng Bayan: Cheap PC from Intel, CICT

Nettop ng Bayan program is a continuation of a previous project by the CICT and Intel called the “PC ng Bayan" and made available cheap computers for the masses sans the OS.

The new Nettop ng Bayan 2.0 specifications and features:

Atom N270 microprocessor chip
an 80 Gigabyte hard disk (HDD)
RAM: 1 Gb of memory
Price: P10,800
Monitor: 15-inch widescreen LCD monitor (costs usually around P4,000-P5,000 if bought separately)
Operating System: none bundled unless distributors has packages for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7

Where to buy Nettop ng Bayan Cheap PCs: at your favorite computer stores

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Latest News Cory Aquino Death Hoax

Some people just can stomach spreading false rumors about Cory Aquino has died from her long bout with cancer.

The false news was spread last week for unknown reasons by unknown persons.

Latest news about Cory Aquino is that she's still confined at the Makati Medical Center and that daily novena masses and healing masses are being held at the Makati City Hall and lunch masses at Greenbelt Chapel.

If you happen to pass by Makati Med, you'll also notice yellow ribbons tied to posts there.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Comelec Source Code Review of Election Software?

A step in the right direction, that's what I call the recent news about the Comelec asking for advice fro IT and Information Security exports in the Philippines on how to conduct code review for the automated election software it will be using for the 2010 elections

Manual Code reviews, something quite unheard of in the Philippines, is offered as a service by a lone company (as far as i know) and they're really having a hard time marketing such Source Code Review Services besides their relatively easy to market Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services.

Source Code Reviews are necessary in information security to eliminate or at least minimize the risks of security flaws, bugs and even backdoors installed in programs by developers and programmers, particularly the common programmer unaware of secure programming practices.

After code review and intense scrutiny, the code should be at least signed to verify if it's not tampered or else we have another case of "dagdag-bawas" in the midst of the May 2010 Philippine National Elections-- election cheating to the next level!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Michael Jackson "A Place with No Mame" MP3 Download/Torrent

While driving on the baha streets of Manila caused by tropical storm Isang, I heard on the radio the leaked of a previously unreleased song by Michael Jackson, who died recently.

The song's title "A Place with No Name" with lyrics and tune similar from America's "A Horse with No Name," one of the first songs I learned how to play in my rusty guitar.

MJ's former manager, who's also managing America, said MJ has permissions from America for the use of the tune, so it's not plagiarized.

If you're looking for a copy of the song, MP3 downloads, torrents or streaming, just go to where MJ's unreleased song was leaked.

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BPI ATM and BPI Express Online are Offline!

If you're a Bank of the Philippine Islands client and needed to withdraw money from your payroll these last few days chances are you'll find yourself unable to withdraw from your ATM card even transact online via BPI Express Offline

according to my reliable inside sources, BPI is really having problems with their ATM switch that's causing timeouts, disconnections and the off-line messages as well as error messages and login problems on BPI Express Offline. There are reportedly many consultants handling the problem.

No official word and press releases yet from BPI but I don't think they're very good at handling media people much like the way Metrobank downtime I blogged about sometime ago that mainstream media didn't pay attention too due to the media savvy PR people.

Just watch out for the latest news and updates once I confirmed it's BPI's Base24 switch that's acting up causing BPI downtime.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to Play Facebook Farm Town on iPhone, Nokia and other Mobile Devices

I had a strange request from a friend who bought a new Nokia cellphone just to play a Facebook app called farm Town. Since I'm not into social networking due to very busy schedules, i checked it out on facebook usiger my friends account
It seems Farm Town is a very famous Facebook application with many users. I tried to access it on the iPhone 3G that I have but can't see the link. I checked the Internet version and got to access Farm Town game on my Iphone 3G by visitng but you need to install Flash Player on iPhone (or whatever mobile device you have in order to play it, that is if your mobile device is supported by Adobe Flash Player)

Now that i've known it's not dependent on certain packages or programs that permit it for mobile access, I need to access Farm Town again on the Nokia mobile phone, even other mobile devices like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and others with wifi-fi or 3G Internet access features. (can you play Farm Town without an internet connection :P)

It seems facebook is also an addictive game, bbut I don't have time for virtual games. I'd rather visit my own farm in the future.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

LTO Car Registration Schedule, Fees, Charges and Tips

For those looking for car registration schedule in the philippines, these information i offered to you particularly if it's the first time you're going to register one at the LTO (whether LTO Head Office, LTO Makati, LTO Quezon City or any LTO office)
UPDATED January 2016
Vehicle registration schedules in the Philippines depends on the last two digits of the vehicle plate numbers.

the last digit identifies the month i.e.
1 January
2 February
3 March
4 April
5 May
6 June
7 July
8 August
9 September
0 October

the second to the last digit points to the week where you need to have it renewed at the Land Transportation Office:

1, 2, 3: first week of the month
4, 5, 6: second week week of the month
7, 8: third week week of the month
9, 0: fourth week week of the month

For example, if your plate number is ABC123, take the last two digits of your plate number to know you vehicle registration schedule. In this case, you need to renew your vehicle register in the first week of March (3 is for march, 2 is for the first week)

Late registrations fees apply even for just a day of delay and depends on the length of delay e.g. PhP200.00 for a week, PhP1000.00 after a month

Car registration requirements:

Xerox copy of OR and CR would be enough. And TPL insurance, you can get it from offices near or inside the LTO office itself, or you can bring your own. 400-600 usually. Plus emission test results from an accredited testing center. There should be one nearby. 300 bucks. And the right amount of money for the reg fee for your vehicle. Tip for the stencil boy too.

LTO Vehicle Registration Fees/Charges:

Registration fee depends on the year model of vehicle
Computer fee: PhP132.00
Third Party Liability:
Emission test

If you intend to register your vehicle at another LTO branch where it's not registered before, there's a charge of PhP100.00

Note: There are LTO renewal services being offered by some individuals that require no appearance of your car at the LTO but I have no direct experience with them so I can't qualify them as fixers or scams so beware.

The Land Transportation Office is located on East Avenue in Quezon City. To get to LTO from Makati, it's just a straight drive on EDSA going to Quezon City and turn right on East Avenue after passing Cubao. For commuters, the nearest MRT station is GMA-kamuning while Fairview-bound buses pass by the area.

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Gmail Error on Firefox, Unsupported Browser?

Just today I'm having a problem again accessing Gmail at home here on my home laptop, the error message below pops up whenever I try to access Gmail on Firefox 3.0.10

"We've detected a problem

We're sorry. It seems there is a problem. Please try using Gmail with a supported browser. If you're encountering this error while using a supported browser, we suggest alerting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that a proxy is failing to accept cookies on HTTP redirects.

Click here to return to Gmail. You'll need to sign in to your account again."

Since I'm still using Windows XP Professional at home and not the buggy Windows Vista in the office, I will be upgrading to 3.10.11 soon (the version that solved my ealier problem on Firefox Crashes in Vista.

Note: I'm currently using Opera browser to access this blog since I'm using FF to check my main Google account. Remember there's no simultaneous login sessions on Google/Gmail unless you use a different browser.

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Blogger Mike Chanco of Flesh Asia Daily Arrested by NBI for Allegedly Uploading the Hayden Kho Sex Videos

I am on leave today and just turned on the TV to GMA7 when a news flash trumpetted the video arrest of persons who allegedly first uploaded controversial sex scandal videos of Hayden Kho Katrina Halili on the Internet

The video clip showed the suspect, Jobert Lazarte, whisked away into a van by operatives of the National Bureau of Investigtion Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division (NBI-AFCCD, the exact same NBI division where I used to "work" with as an "undercover agent" in my previous job to strike at "pirates of Manila").

Joebert Lazarte, including his brother and father, were invited by the NBI for questioning due to the allegation that they were the first to upload the controversial sex videos on the Internet on their popular Flesh Asia Daily ( blog site.

I got acquianted with JB (nickname of Jobert Lazarte) and Mike Chanco when they were looking for blogs to advertise websites of certain SEO partners (not FAD) on my main blog. I visited his blogs and found similarities with JB's blog templates and writing style on his Skirmisher ( blog and Mike Chanco's Flesh Asia Daily (FAD). Such similarities were too noticeable that I already suspected Joebert Lazarte and Mike Chanco to be one and the same. I also read emails on PinoyBlogosphere yahoogroups that Mike Chanco bragged noone really knows who he really is and where he's at, I didn't tell him then what I suspected.

A few weeks ago I read on the Inquirer about the NBI's request for a court order for the ISP/Hosting provider in the US to divulge access logs (IP addresses and other personal information) for a website they suspect as having uploaded the videos that started the fire of the controversy where even the Senate dipped their already full hands in. The NBI performed technical surveillance on FAD and nailed JB in the process when the access logs were released.

This news about the NBI arrest of Joebert Lazarte just confirmed my suspicion that Jobert Lazarte is Mike Chanco and operates FAD in his home in Bacoor, Cavite. JB admitted uploading two videos on FAD but claimed he received them from anonymous senders/contributors.

How about you? If you're a blogger who also posted videos and pictures of the Latest Hayden Kho Sex Scandal Videos, better think about it. You might suffer the same fate sa JB.

UPDATE: latest news indicates Joe Bert may turn state witness against other porn site operators. He's only going to be charged first with possesion of indecent materials as there's really no law on pornography using the Internet. I've been waiting for the cybercrime law but self-serving senators and congressmen just put it in the backburner for years now ;(

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Post-dated Checks Jewelry Scam of Jose Manalo of Eat Bulaga

I saw this on the news and various blogs but sadly with most blogs, based on hearsays and not really journalistic reporting. The NBI already stepped in on the case to investigate the allegations that the wife of Eat Bulaga host Jose Manalo ran away with millions of jewelries without paying for them

Some of the jewelers include Violy Alipio, Roel Lumbang, Purificacion D. Naive, Annie Dizon, Naneth Ugaddan, Susan Escosma, Aida Latuc, Trinidad Romeo Egya and Elenita Pabalate who all claim Jose Manalo's wife Annalyn bought jewelries from them and issued post-dated checks as payment which later bounced.

I don't know about the businessmen but it's not really prudent to accept post-dated checks as payment, bad for cash flow, but apparently because she's the wife of a famous TV personality that's why they agreed.

Anyway, Jose, whose real name is Ariel Pagtalonia Manalo, was involved in the alleged jewelry scam since he's the signatory of the bounced checks.

This case is already filed in court that's why you can't read latest news report on this. Just let the justice take its course.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pacific Plans, now APIC, Pre-need Claims

It's one of those days when I went to Makati with passengers I took to Peak Tower on L.P. Leviste St. (formerly Alfaro) that made my daily drive lively. They instantly thought of me for they don't know how to get to Makati.

It was only now that I've learned that Pacific Plans was acquired by the former owner of Asian Spirit (now ZestAir) and renamed it Abundance Providers and Investments Corp. (APIC) with offices at the 19th and 21st floors of PEAK Tower at 107 Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati.

One of my passengers went to APIC office to terminate her educational plan for her daughter, something I advised her not to do since her plan is still honored by APIC.
She just wanted to be sure so she went for it. She's actually on her third time to visit the APIC office and claim her plan. She also said she'll be able to get the full amount plus interest some later time.

With the current mess of the pre-need industry, I remember the time when I got offers left and right from CAP agents and other pre-need firms, ten years ago about the wisdom of investing in a zero-age educational plan was well worth it. My risk-averse attitude got the better of me as well as my low salary back then.

I just have a program of preparing for my child's education in the future this early. I just hope he'll grow up to be a responsible son.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Voice Activated Email and Computer Access

How would you like to get the latest innovation in email technology where you only have to say voice commands to access your email, read and even reply without even hitting a single key or clicking the mouse buttons?

I know quite a number of senior people who have that kind of access

afflicted with technophobia, they simply tell their secretaries to check their emails, read some and even reply to them.

It's a security risk actually but as long they can trust their secretaries, as security is all about trust, it's ok.

teaching old people computer skills is daunting unless you get the techie lola of the Bayan DSL ad :P

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Analog TV out, Digital TV Standard in the Philippines Still To Be Determined

The recent switching off of all analog TV signals in the US caught some people off-guard still using analog TVs and antennas.

Not that they can't use their old analog TVs anymore but they need to buy a gadget called "set top box," some sort of analog to digital tv converter (prize subsidized byt the government).

In the Philippines, there's still the tug-of-war between two digital tv standards: Japanese ISDB-T (integrated services digital broadcasting-terrestrial) and the European standard DVB-T (digital video broadcasting-terrestrial). Both ISDB-T and DVB-T standards allow high definition video delivered in widescreen format and various interactive services including video on-demand video.

I'm holding off the purchase of a new TV, particularly an LCD TV for now and now adopting a wait-and-see attitude on this

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Microsoft Search Engine BING Meaning: Because It's Not Google

It was only recently In Sydney, Australia that I've learned that Microsoft has a new search engine demonstrated by our instructor. At first I thought it's an Aussie search engine that's why I inquired

then he showed me it's been quite a while MS renamed their search engine to BING and wondered why they chose to brand the new search engine as BING: Because It's Not Google! :P

Tenable Nessus Error on Windows Vista: Invalid Challenge Response

I'm trying to install Nessus Vulnerability Scanner (version 4.0.1) at home on Windows Vista Basic and the installation went fine but registering the product stalled my effort for quite some time with the error message below:

the error message comes after I enter the activation key and clicked Register. I can't start the Nesses server and therefore can't also condifure the daemon. If I try to re-register the same registration code, i get a message that the code has already been used so I need to get another code the Tenable website.

Frustrated, I also tried Nessus Off-line registration (without an internet connection), got the nessus-fetch.rc installed and I was able to start the nessus daemon at Services but still can't get past the initial screen of Nessus Server Manager.

Is this another one of Windows Vista problems or just Nessus? Will try to post this on the Nessus Discussion forum for answers, solutions or workarounds.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Information Security and Conflicts of Interest

I used to handle both Information Security and Auditor, I know but it happened because our Internal Auditor left.

I know I can perform both but the situation is really conflict of interest. Now that we have an Internal Auditor, other conflicting roles came out to the surface

Conflict of interests mostly uncovered were roles that doesn't adhere to segregation of duties. I know many banks who have a listed Information Security Officer just to comply with BSP mandate but the personnel is actually doing another function.

Information Security needs to be independent from IT or Operations and needs to report to management directly. Any InfoSec officer or IT security officer is not a good one if he's reporting to the IT head.

Independence is the key!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Best IDP/IDS/IPS Intrusion Prevention System: Do you Really Need One?

In my normal line of work, I always get questions regarding certain technologies I use to secure my network beyond the usual firewalls

One of them is the IDS (Intrusion Detection System), IDP (Intrusion Detection and Prevention) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)...

It's just a play on words thou IDS is merely detection which is inutile since the damage may have been done already.

As for me I prefer the IDP/IPS particularly the inline type i.e. placed before the server/network to be protected rather than one that's just passively listening on a mirrored port.

But I was asked why it' took me so long to ever think of buying and justifying one. It's just that it's hard to justify expensive security systems if you're going to face traditional thinking superiors looking for security ROI.

I'm more into securing the hosts: the OS and apllication more than expensive security equipment...

adding an IPS is just another layer of security for me.

If you're looking for the best there is, I can;t make recommendations but it's always Tipping Point, Forescout, IBM's ISS et al or probably the free Snort :P

Friday, May 22, 2009

Latest Hayden Kho Sex Scandals: Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, Ruffa Mae Quinto Princess Velasco Video Downloads and Streaming

The country's full of problems and yet the issues are now obscured and moved out of the headlines with a string of recent Sex Scandals the latest of which stars Hayden Kho

There's Hayden Kho - Katrina Halili Sex scandal, Hayden Kho - Maricar Reyes Sex scandal, the newest Hayden Kho - Ruffa Mae Quinto Sex scandal, Hayden Kho - Pricess Velasco Sex Scandal Video and probably lots more...probably even Hayden Kho - Vicki Belo Sex scandal.

If you're looking for the latest Hayden Camera Sex Scandal, even the complete collection said to be about 40 videos, you won't find them here. no watch sex scandals video online nor free sex scandal video downloads even line free sex scandal video torrents.

Recording private acts is illegal as well as distributing them can get you in legal trouble. Remember too that you may not have a sister or daughter, i'm definitely sure you have a mother...

respect women, they're not objects to be treated like that.

UPDATE: Cases were filed against Viki Belo, Princess Velasco, Dr. Herbert "Bistek" Velasco and Eric Chua for allegedly conspiring to spread the sex scandal videos.

Latest News: July 3, 2009: The NBI raided the home of the alleged persons who first uploaded the video to the Internet on Flesh Asia Daily (, a celebrity/porn site maintained by JB Lazarte (since I prowl the Internet and once visited his website as he posts on PinoyBlogosphere yahoogroups, I've suspected Mike Chanco and JB Lazarte as one and the same, this hunch of mine was confirmed when I heard the news on TV)...this news serves as a warning to those who still spread video scandals...darn I recognized Palmer Mallari of the NBI-AFCCD on TV :P

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Statcounter Down, Unavailable, Unreachable or Bankrupt?

For a few days now I can't access, my main website analytics script on my blogs. I simply can't access their website to get a snapshot of my daily visitors

What happened to there's no latest news and updates I can find there except in 2004 and also when thei datacenter went down due to a bomb explosion. What happened this time, I don't know. Chapter 11? bankrupt due to the economic crisis?

i may have to swtich to another web analytics to make up for the loss, Google Analytics won't cut it alone though I love theier integration with Adsense.

Firefox Crashes in Windows Vista Problem, Is there a Solution?

My Firefox 3 always crash randomly while browsing on Windows Vista Home Premium. Again, forums have no clear and definite cause and solution, not even on so i'm investigating this myself.

one of my observations is that it crashes everytime I click a link to open an email in gmail. Will have to check if it's the culprit or probably a Google Seach link will crash or have it shut down.

I'm also thinking of disabling all of my add-ons and plugins and enabling them one by one to eliminate my hunch that it's one of the Firefox extensions that's causing the crash. At first I suspected it's due to an update in one extension that's causing the crash (where in Windows XP, the browser just slows down or hangs, but not crash without any errors for forensics purpose)

McAffee Siteadvisor
Adblock Plus
Add N Edit Cookies
Microsoft.Net Framework Assistant

As of now, I'm using Internet explorer 8 for my Gmail and blogger account. will test Firefox 3 with google if it still crashes, I might disable CustomizeGoogle first.

I will also try to simulate using Windows Saafe Mode

This will be updated until I find the solution myself or the problem solved somewhere on the Internet

Windows Vista Firefox crash really caused by Gmail, I stopped using Gmail on Firefox and that solved the problem. I will simulate uninstalling one of the add-ons later to see if it still crashes. Maybe I start with Customize Google

SOLUTION: This problem was fixed recently with the release of Firefox 3.0.11. SO it's really a Firefox problem with Vista and not of any plugin that's why I wasn't able to fix it.

Windows Movie Maker Import MP3 Error and Solution on Vista

Feeling bored with nothing much to do, I tinkered with some pictures and decided to create a movie out of them with a background music using Windows Movie maker that comes with Windows Vista Home Premium

After arranging the storybook, I imported an mp3 file as background, but later decided to change it into another mp3 file but encountered error that the file can't be imported without any indication of the error.

I searched around for any solution to the problem, with various forums discussing the problem but never really offered a solution.

At this juncture, I tried to find the out myself how to solve it. I compared the 2 mp3 files for any differences (but rate, encoder, file size et al), tried to erase MP3 file information using the built-in properties editor of Vista to no avail.

When I noticed that the thumbnail of the mp3 file that can be imported into Windows Movie Maker was generic while the one that can't be imported has an artwork, I opened the mp3 file in iTunes and deleted the artwork.

I then tried to import the now artwork-less file in Windows Movie Maker and it worked (if it did not i migght try doing it in Windows XP Professional like the error of QuickPWN) I was able to finish the movie with my song of choice.

I know but I really don't like Vista, too many broken things left unexplained!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

DIY iPhone 3G Jailbreak Greenhills (QuickPWN Windows Vista Problem)

With lots of time in my hands recently, I was finally able to have my iPhone 3G jailbroken, not in Greenhills, SM or any where in Manila but in the comfort of my own home

DIY jailbreaking How-to, you need these:

iPhone 3G
iTunes 8
QuickPWN 2.2.5
iPhone1,2_2.2.1_5H11_Restore (Apple Device Software Update File)
USB cable connected to the PC

Jailbreak procedure:
just extract the QuickPWN app, run QuickPWN then follow the instructions and you'll be set in about 15 minutes...

It's so easy. you don't have to pay P500 price for jailbreaking service cost in Greenhills as recommended by my friends!

My iPhone now has Cycorder video recording feature and SMS/text forwarding and a whole lot more.

Note: Tried to jailbreak on Windows Vista but QuickPWN just keeps on shutting down or stopping in the middle of the process. I tried using my old Windows XP and it's a one click success. A jailbroken iPhone can lose Globe warranty but restoring the original iPhone firmware is so easy using iTunes.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Latest Outbreak Mexico Swine Flu Vaccine/Cure

The last time it was bird flu in Asia, now it's swine flu halfway around
the world centered in Mexico City.

I found it funny for some people I know who reacted to the latest news update about swine flu where they sought out flu vaccine as if the P1000 shot they got is is effective against the virus. At least they're protected from human flu for a year but not against swine flu

Herewith are some words of wisdom for swine flu accoriding to WHO:

Q. What is swine flu?

Swine flu is a highly contagious acute respiratory disease normally
found in pigs (swine)

Latest news on swine flu points to a possible pandemic with numerous
deaths in Mexico City, as well as reported cases in Texas and canada.

Q. Swine Flu Symptoms?

A. Sudden fever above 38 degrees (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit), cough,
headache, aching joints, nasal congestion and general fatigue.

Q. How to perform swine flu diagnosis

A. Clinical examination of secretions from the nose and mouth in the
first 24-72 hours after presenting symptoms, and a study of blood
samples to detect existence of influenza virus.

Q. Where do swine flu outbreaks occur?

A. Swine flu is found in the United States, and outbreaks in pigs have
also been reported Canada , South America, Europe, Africa and parts of
eastern Asia. Latest surveillance reported two suspected cases in Paris,
France; 10 "likely" cases in New Zealand et al.

Q. Is there such a thing as swine flu vaccine?

A. While pigs in North America are vaccinated for swine flu, no vaccine
exists for humans. The flu virus evolves quickly, meaning that vaccines
are soon useless.

Q. How do humans get infected with the swine flu virus?

A. Infections is via contact with pigs, some new cases point to
human-to-human transmission though.

Q. Is it safe to eat pork in food?

A. According to The World Health Organization, properly handled and
prepared pork products are safe to eat. The swine flu virus dies when
cooked at temperatures of 160ºF/70ºC higher.

Q. What are possible treatments for swine flu (cure)?

A. The swine flu virus detected in Mexico and the United States appears
to respond to treatment with oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir
(Relenza). Be wary of side effects though in misuse.

Q. How to prevent swine flu infection:

A. For swine flu prevention, follow these tips:

maintain good hygiene e.g. regular hand-washing and staying a safe
distance from those infected, wear a mask. Do not greet someone with a
kiss or handshake; do not share food, cutlery or glasses; ventilate
homes and offices, keep clean common items such as telephones.

Sources: WHO latest news and information on Swine Flu

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heroes' Micah Sanders Doesn't Know About Internet Anonymity

While watching Heroes Season 3 episode 24 titled "I am Sylar," Danko and Sylar were able to trace the location of Micah, aka Rebel, at his secret hideout

Micah Sanders, with the ability to talk and control machines, was not killed by Sylar and even helped him get away.

In the story, it' seems Micah just don't know how to cloak himself from the Internet or from the text message. He should've have made the effort to use privacy and anonymity tools to hide himself so that Danko won't be able to find him

But if he knew how, there would never be a story about him

looking forward to the last episode of Heroes Season 3: An Invisible Thread!

How to File for Child Support: Claims against OFW with POEA and OWWA

This is a follow-up to the earlier successful annulment case of someone I know who's granted an annulment in a short span of time

after the annulment case, the father of her son went away jobless and like a boy hanging onto the skirt of his mother but lately we've found out now has a job at a luxury cruise abroad.

now comes step two: filing child support case or child abandonment

I've love to see other boys (not men) behind bars if they still continue to ignore their children alone with their mother without child support.

I asked a lawyer friend how to file child support from OFWs hiding abroad and now that we know the father's company/agency and the cruise ship's name, i instructed my friend to inquire at the POEA for the gaency's contact number and later the OWWA for assistance.

This post will be updated once there are bloggable stuff for people also looking for process and procedures on going after the runaway father (and mothers too who abandoned their child/ren without financial support)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Watch Paquiao Hatton Fight Live Streaming or at SM Cinemas?

My Internet's kinda spotty right now with frequent disconnection of Bayan DSL. It's really annoying when I'm downloading something from a site that doesn't allow resuming broken downloads

I watched Pacquiao's previous fights live online from various websites that offered such service. I will just need to update this post for the links and/or how-to if you want to offer live video streaming on your own blog.

Should I watch Pacquiao vs Hatton on live video streaming or should I just shell out P300 ticket for a good time at nearby Walter Mart, SM, Trinoma or other malls?

Whatcha think?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

SEC: Prudentialife License to Sell Pre-Need Plans Revoked

Another case of pre-need plan in need?

The latest news is that SEC announced the cancellation of Prudentialife's license to sell pre-need plans due to the companies deficiencies in trust fund.

The stop to selling new plans does not really mean Prudentialife is bankrupt, they need to submit new assets to plug the deficiencies in their trust fund.

Is this the same as CAP and Pacific Plans hit by traditional pre-need and educational plans?

I can see lots of comments from people wishing how to apply for a refund for their pre-need plans bought from Prudentialife as well as how to apply for reimbursements.
Try to call prudentialife hotline (if anyone will answer), email their customer care (as if they really care) or visit their main office on EDSA, Mandaluyong City (if you get past the long lines of people inquiring how to get their money back)

I did try to complain about their agents unethical selling practice but fell on deaf ears of Prudentialife Plans.

People still receive text messages enticing them to claim their "prize" at their office on Rada St in Makati. :(

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Mar Roxas, Korina Sanchez Wedding Latest News

The romance between politician Mar Roxas and tv personality Korina Sanchez again made annoucements that they're getting hitched and soon to tie the knot

Or so it seems. It's been like that every national elections.

I wonder what they're up to now...updates soon probably for the official announcement or during the Roxas clan reunion.

All I can say is: di ko kayo pababayaan, lalaban tayo!

'Nough said!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Latest Ted Failon Wife Suicide Brouhaha

The news is already all over the place. Ted Failon's wife comitted suicide. The apparent cause, as reported by some media, was said to financial problems. A certain tabloid even reported Failon's wife allegedly emptied their savings reported to be about twenty million pesos in an investment scam (for samples of scams, please click the Scam label on the right navigation pane).

Ted Failon, real name Mario Teodoro Etong, is a hard-hitting radio commentator of ABS-CBN and police really expected him to be alert as to report the apparent suicide to the police.

The maids and drivers won't be absolved from obstruction of justice even if they didn't know that they need to preserve the "crime scene" for SOCO to document and aanalyze for forensic pusposes. This must be something they "learned" from ABS-CBN and GMA teleseryes where it's ok to clean them and thus remain ignorant of proper legal actions (yeah, i lament the way teleserye writes keep writing stupid plots and twists and story lines further adding to the miseducation of the common pinoy). They also are not aware of their rights that police should never treat them like that as sehown on TV. They can't be manhandled by police, and detained without proper legal procedures.

Quezon City policemen are now also being investigated for the overkill as if they really have an ax to grind against Ted Failon.

ABS-CBN, again in their biased reporting style, are all praises. I don't know but I just don't believe them much more if it's Boy Abunda holding the mic. They have a vested interest in this case, moreso that i don't trust them to deliver unbiased news like they always do with GMA (i'm not a pro-GMA but i still don't like the way they present one-sided stories and commentaries)

I expect the headlines to contain this in a few more days. Th country only needs another major headline to talk about to forget about more important and pressing things.

Ted Failon's wife wake is at Arlington Funeral on Araneta Avenue, Quezon City and is not open to the public. No information yet on interment date.

It's a good thing, the latest news, that another hostage of the Abu Sayyaf was recently released and it will provide some respite on this news item that I consider not fit for national consumption.

Just leave them alone, focus on more important matters!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Cheap" NLEX Towing: Wrecker of Moods

This happened to mommy just last Black Saturday on NLEX on their way to Manila.

Mommy has been treating all her jeepney drivers' families to an annual outing at a beach. This time, she treated them to a beach somewhere in Morong, Bataan.
One of the drivers forgot to diesel up before going back and so ran out of diesel on NLEX. When the jeepney stalled, the ever alert highway patrol policemen got to them together with a tow truck and inquired about the problem. When they learned about what happened, they told mom that if they can't leave the shoulder after 30 minutes, they'll tow the jeepney to the gasoline station for PhP1,500.00.

But they proposed a cheaper alternative to the "wrecker" service where they will buy the diesel at the gas station for PhP1000.00 only.

Mom thought about it and agreed since it's cheaper than towing the jeepney and she's afraid about traffic violation tickets and fines (though I told her later there's no fine, the wrecker will just town the jeepney to the gas station). The policemen took the driver with them to the gas station, bought PhP200.00 worth of diesel in a plastic container, returned to the jeepney.

The policemen thus earned PhP800.00 in the "heist" and my mom PhP700.00 and it's Black Saturday.

Lesson: always check your fuel tanks of else be "helped" by enterprising NLEX police

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Tamper-proof Birth, Marriage Death Certificates on Security Paper

Tampering of birth certificates for many people to cheat the real age or name in applications is rampant. Forging to marriage certificates also happen to many people for marrying again or faking a death certificate for pension and other fraudulent claims is fast becoming hard to do.

Local civil registrars will no start issuing the certificates using tamper-proof security papers made by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). This means copies of civil registry documents will be assured of clear and secure copies.

The certificates are required for the issuance of passports, visas, and government examinations.

Note that using security papers can make it hard for "recto university" people who make a living by making fake certificates lose business. But many people are so easy to fool that I think it ain't so.

The government should also control scums inside local civil registries and NSO who can alter data on registries for a fee...i have a friend who knew someone inside NSO who does that...change name, age, birthday, without court order...for a fee of course :(

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BSP Circular 649: E-Money/E-Wallet Regulation

A few months ago I received a draft of the proposed BSP Circular on the regualtion of e-Money and was released last March 9 with effectivity 15 days later

Circular 649 provided the regulatory framework over the fast-growing electronic money business in the Philippines to provide protection for consumers and to promote innovations in fund transfer mechanisms that benefit Filipino consumers. The Circular prescribed the minimum requirements for each Electronic Money Issuer (EMI) category to ensure that the risks inherent in e-money business are mitigated and that EMIs adhere to prescribed levels of safety, security and soundness. Provisions include the following:

a. EMIs shall put in place a system to maintain accurate and complete record of e-money transactions and other pertinent information

b. E-money shall only be redeemed at face value. It is not considered a deposit, hence, it is not insured with the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation;

c. E-money instruments shall be subject to aggregate monthly load limit of PhP100k

d. EMIs shall ensure compliance with applicable requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering laws, rules and regulations (e.g. (Know Your Customer, KYC and Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR))

e. EMI's should be stock corporation with capitalization of PhP100M

Circular 649 is for the protection of the public against fly-by-night e-money companies.

Complete text of BSP Circular Number 649 can be downloaded from BSP official website.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Credit Card Remittance Scam

Here's a warning to those people fond of making a few savings from sending money to the Philippines:

A modus operandi of scammers using stolen credit card information to send money to the Philippines and beyond:

How do the miscreants behind the credit card fraud do it? The scums do it by setting up entities claiming to be remittance service providers in connivance with unscrupulous individuals outside the Philippines. Their "foreign" partners send money to the Philippines by using stolen credit card numbers and information thereby defrauding unknowing cardholders.

The scheme is made complicated by doing fraudulent money transfers by agents in an initial recipient country like the Philippines, then send the money to another country where the final recipient is located, making the Philippines sort of a "trans-shipment point" of stolen funds.

In the process, the recipient can receive the money sent to him/her but at the expense of the credit card holder.

Lesson: In sending money to the Philippines, choose legitimate remittance companies and just fly-by-night ones. You might find yourself in the middle of an investigation if you're not careful.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Death of Francis Magalona after bout with Leukemia

I'm one of the first to learn of Francis M.'s departure when Maxene Magalona texted my officemate about it during lunch...Such a sad day for me for I'm a fan of Francis M. for his refreshing and nationalist songs.

at such a your age of 44, he succumbed to multiple organ failure due to leukemia. He will be interred at Christ the King Church in Quezon City...won't be able to be there at his wake though. for sure there'll be too many people to visit him there and pay last respect for a man with a such a "kaleidoscope world."

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Win Free Tickets to Eraserheads Live Concert "The Final Set"

If you're looking for free tickets without sweating it out, this post is not for you. However, with a bit of luck and speedy fingers you may be able to score free tickets to the upcoming Eraserheads concert dubbed "The Final Set"

here's how

1. Tune in to NU107 FM at 107.5 MHz. I just heard earlier today (while stuck in traffic) a guy won a pair tickets to the Eheads concert by calling the radio station the moment they announced the contest.

2. From Jam 88.3 (88.3 MHz on the FM band), you need to show up with the Coke Bench T-shirt at the concert ticketing office at 5pm. The first 500 people to arrive with the T-Shirt will win tickets

Good luck!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Case of Police Harassment, Illegal Arrest and Detention in Quezon City

I have a neighbor who I found out has been dealing drugs in the neighborhood. She's been living such a well off life even if she really doesn't have a visible source of income. It explains the reason why late at night I get awakened by noises of people knocking on our neighbor's door. She recently opened a 24 hour store as her front, in a small neighborhood that's not really enough to defray all her expenses relative to her way of living.

When I inquired from some "people in the neighborhood," I found out our neighbor is a drug pusher, a small time one, unlike the now famous case of Alabang Boys (a messy one with allegations of bribery between the DOJ and PDEA). The barangay officials know about her activities, even all the people living there but they seem to just ignore the sad fact as if it's normal and acceptable.

Not for me. I planned on reporting her anonymously to the PDEA's anonymous "whistleblower" hotline but someone did it ahead of me.

It was just this evening, on my arrival from Trinoma while parking my car, when I head the news of my neighbor's "arrest" by some "policemen" in plain clothes, sans search warrant or legal buy/bust operation. The "policemen" simply asked around for the name of their target, and dragged her out the house when they identified her. They even reportedly confiscated her cellphone and money reserved for tuition fees of her kids. They took her to the police station on Kamuning and reportedly asked for P80,000.00 in return for her release or prepare for inquest. This was later lowered to P30,000.00 and a new deadline of 9pm.

My thoughts on this as I told my neighbor's niece whom I know:

They have two choices: pay up or fight it out

Pay up: the policemen wins and walks away with the loot, my neighbor can resume her illegal activities and be harassed again by the same policemen in the future.

Fight it: I told my friend that the arrest is illegal and the police really doesn't have a case against her aunt. It's just another case of kotong where the victims are assumed to give the money "requested" from them. I reminded them that the suspect should be released within 48 hours or the policement face illegal detention. It's also the judge that sets the bail, if it's a bailable offense, not the policemen who're really trying to make money for the pusher. Note that no illegal drugs were found at the house, and even if there were, they won't stand as evidence in court due to the absence of a court order.

Apparently, my neighbors were trying to raise the sum, even attempted to borrow money from my mom but I don't know if they were able to raise the amount. They reportedly tried to sell their appliances just to pay the "ransom."

Some call it karma, others poetic justice...

I call it a bad person harassed by scalawags in the police who should follow legal means to clean our society of scums. I don't tolerate drug pushers but I also don't agree to the way of the kotong cops.

UPDATE: my neighbor's kin managed to put up the P30,000.00 "blood money" the following day and suspect was released by the police. Policemen now about P40k richer-- P30k cash "bail," plus the earlier cellphone and cash taken at the "crime scene."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Stupid EDSA People Power Anniversary Celebration

It's stupid and not well-planned! EDSA revoultion particularly the spirit of EDSA should be kept alive but the celebration should never be made on EDSA with the closing of Metro Manila's main thoroughfare

EDSA was turned into a very long parking lot due to the celebration with a portion near Cubao up to Ortigas avenue closed.

I spent 2.5 hours "parked" on that dreaded avenue this morning...I know I should've avoided the main artery but my memory gap (due to GMA's playing down of the EDSA revolution) got the better of me.

Why not celebrate it somewhere else? Somewhere it won't make other people's life hard? Isn't that hard to do?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Alkaline Water and Alkaline Diet: The Truth

When I went home last weekend, i drank water from a dispenser at a party and instantly noticed the peculiar taste of the water, similar to the water that was formerly served in the office

it's alkaline water, whose claim, again, is based on a false Alkaline diet, advocated by quacks claiming so many things without solid scientific evidence except a book about the alkaline diet.

Alkaline diet is based on a theory that the food we eat should always be alkaline since our blood is alkaline. Stupid people...our stomach is naturally acidic because the acid is used to digest food while our intestines are basic due to bile...

try to read my earlier post about Fern-C and Alkaline Diet quackery and you'll see the reasons why...

it didn't come from me but from experts and authorities on the subject. Don't ever get fooled by deceptive sales presentation using a light bulb...

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Photo Print Sizes: 3R 4R 5R 8R and 8SR

Back in film days, having your pictures printed was a necessity, but in the digital age, sometimes you only store photos in your computer, cellphone, CD/DVDs and memory cards.

My film days are over but sometimes I still don't remember the dimensions of photo print sizes commonly referred as 3R, 4R, 5R and 8R so here's a list of the picture sizes for your information:

3R (3.5 x 5 inch)
4R (4 x 6 inch)
5R (5 x 7 inch)
8R (8 x 10 inch)
8SR (8 x 12 inch)

other sizes are 12 x 18 inch, 16 x 24 inch and 20 x 30 inch.

One way to remember how long and wide a picture size is, sort of a mnemonic, is that the number corresponds to the length in inches of the shorter side, the the longer side two inches longer than the shorter side, except for 3R picture size with only 1.5 inch difference.

These photo print sizes were derived from 35mm film format (36 x 24mm) with aspect ratio of 3:2 like my DSLR camera and large-format (4x5) film format.
The standard ratio for 35mm negatives correspond directly to 4 x 6 inch (4R), 8 x 12 inch (S8R) so my usual choice in printing is 4R and 8x12 to avoid cropping and resampling.

This is a problem with developing or printing pictures taken using point-and-shoot cameras with 4:3 aspect ratio, you need to crop or resample your picture so that no pixel will be left out of the printed photo. If you don't do this, some part of your picture my be cropped when printed. To make sure the whole picture is printed, resample your picture using Photoshop or other photo editing software without noticeable distortion in the resulting photo otherwise you really need to crop.

You know where to have your pictures printed cheaply? Hidalgo St in Quiapo if you can get there :P

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Most Romantic Valentines Day Text Messages, Sweet Love Quotations

Valentines Day once again is coming and I can see people heading to Dangwa to buy cheap flowers on the red-letter day., couples queuing outside motels in order to share the language of love and business and malls displaying the uber-commercialized Valentines Day.

So some people who can't spend time with loved ones, they start to search for Most Romantic Valentines Day Text Messages to send SMS messages to their wife, girlfriend or girl of their dreams. Some google for Valentines Day Sweet Love Quotations in order to write on Valentines day cards

All I can say is that the Most Romantic Valentines Day Text Messages, Sweet Love Quotations can not be found on the Internet, they can only be found inside your heart.

Overused Text Messages, particularly forwarded messages have no real impact except for ordinary people. True romantic people appreciate words crafted by the sender himself, even poorly-written prose.

Trust me, it works! :P

Friday, February 06, 2009

How to Claim Winning Lotto Prize at PCSO

I noticed these past few days people looking for information on the process for claiming PCSO lotto prize:

PCSO Lotto prize claiming procedure if you really have a winning combination:

1. First of all, write your name and signature at the back of the winning ticket before claiming the prize at the lotto outlet, or PCSO office.

2. Prize amounts from PhP 20.00 to PhP 5,000.00 can be claimed at any authorized Lotto outlet or at the PCSO Provincial District Offices.

3. Prizes from PhP 5,000.00 up to PhP 200,000.00 can be claimed at any of the PCSO Provincial District Office or at the PCSO Main Office in Quezon City.

4. The Lotto Jackpot prize can only be claimed, after validation, at the
PCSO Main Office, with address at Q. I. Compound,
E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave, Quezon City.

5. If you're lucky enough to win the jackpot prize, just keep it to yourself and don't let the whole world know for your own safety and security (like the jackpot winner who was killed by his neighbors when they found out the truth about the stashed money). You can be next victim of thieves, robbers, kidnappers and can even lose your life that no amount of money can ever buy. Spend your money wisely for even a 100 million pesos can evaporate into thin air in a short time.

How to get to PCSO Main Office:

Commute to PCSO: from Quiapo, board jeepneys going to Cubao and alight on E. Rodriguez St (a few blocks from Welcome Rotonda) in front to the PCSO. Alternatively, from MRT Araneta-Cubao station, walk towards Aurora blvd and board jeepneys going to Quiapo, request the driver to drop you off at QI (Quezon Institute)

Driving Directions to PCSO Office: From Quiapo, head towards Espana, pass by Welcome Rotonda, turn right on E. Rodriguez. PCSO Office is inside the compound of Quezon Institute at the corner of Araneta Avenue and E. Rodriguez (where a Pregold stands as another landmark)

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Filipino Bands in Singapore: The First International Pinoy Music Festival/Concert

It's always nice to hear about Filipino talents making waves abroad rather than rave about foreign acts doing concerts in the Philippines

This one I recommend much more if they include Wolfgang in the roster. Got time for a Singapore Concert?

The First International Pinoy Music Festival

March 01, 2009, 9am - 11pm
Fort Canning Park, Singapore

12 Pinoy Hottest Bands
Parokya ni Edgar
The Dawn
The Youth

Brought to you by Pinoy Sunday!

For ticket inquiries:
+65 93394285/ +65 97832975
+65 94571756/ +65 97842159

Do check out my travel posts on Singapore on the sidebar

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Waterproof Camera Models and Cases: Olympus, Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Dicapac

How would you review and rate waterproof if you ever feel the need to have one? For which activity? Would you go for compact, handy and easy to carry
waterproof camera models in order to survive water splashes, rain, even corrosive salt-water for snorkeling but not for SCUBA diving? Do you require video-recording function? and lastly, the price should be affordable and within your budget?

Waterproof Cameras are presently dominated by only two manufacturers: Olympus and Pentax with numerous models to choose from with high megapixels and maximum depths specifications.

Olympus Waterproof Camera Models:

Olympus Stylus 1050SW, Olympus Stylus 1030SW, Olympus Stylus 850SW, Olympus Stylus 790SW, Olympus Stylus 770SW, Olympus Stylus SW 720

Waterproof Pentax Camera Models:

Pentax Optio W60, Pentax Optio W30, Pentax Optio W20, Pentax Optio W10
(Pentax was the first one to come up with waterproof digital camera model in 2003)

Beyond Olympus and Pentax, there's GoPro Digitial Hero 3: wrist mounted camera in waterproof case, helmet-mount and deck mount kits available. Other models also Vivitar VIVICAM-6200W or SeaLife SL321 ECOshot for SCUBA Diving but comes with no zoom lens and not-so-good image quality.

If you need to go deeper, more than the specified depths of the cameras, you can buy underwater cases for your cameras, be it Canon, Nikon, Sony et al. Underwater cases for cameras are expensive, costing about $200 each and are only available on order basis in the Philippines.

You can, however, try Dicapac, cheap underwater camera case, so as not to lose image quality but take note of white balance problems when shooting underwater. Will post sample pictures and photos later.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Genealogy: How to trace Family Tree in the Philippines

Did you ever feel curious on who your ancestors were? If you have a blood line to a hero or a criminal? Or simply to trace where a mysterious genetic disorder first appeared in your family tree?

I once tried to trace my family tree but got a dead-end early due to lack of information sources. Too bad my granparents were already dead when I need to ask them so many questions.

For those still interested in tracing their family tree, you need to start with your relatives, parents and grandparents for the immediate tree. Then ask old people for information.

Consult records of birth registries in your town and church records for baptisms (particularly for Catholics)

Try also to buy or use a genealogy software or family tree software to make it easy to document and search, instead of just using paper or simple spreadsheet.

One of the best available resource right now is in the hands of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, popularly called Mormons, with their central temple on Temple Drive, Green Meadows Quezon City.

The Mormons, being family-oriented, took the task of creating and archiving copies in microfilm of birth registries and church records and was able to create a searchable database of family genealogies that they call Family Seach.

Tracing family trees is a worthwhile activity, highly rewarding. Records should always be updated. Some information kept in the dark may come out like records of infidelity and adoptions but they're already part of history and should never be changed but rather learn from it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Morning Banana Diet Side Effects

There's a diet craze in Japan centered on the ubiquitous banana: the Morning Banana Diet. The plan is simple, eat three bananas in the morning then drink a glass of warm water

The good thing about it is that the bananas are from the Philippines. The most famous banana variety for export is the cavendish banana variety.

Many people swear it's effecive, dietitians warn against the diet saying breakfast should be a complete meal and not just bananas.

morning banana diet side effects? weight loss? :P

warning though, don't eat bananas if you have kidney problem due to bananas' high potassium content...that's according to a doctor friend of mine.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DFA: Green Passport no longer valid in January 2010 a Hoax

Too many blogs posted information about this while an email is making the rounds about the passport advisory warning holders of old green passports to renew them for they will no longer be valid effective January 2010.

The typical cynical me checked the official website of the Department of Foreign Affairs for the authoritative source of news advisories and yet there are no statements nor press releases about the validity of the green passports.

I can only smell something: It's a hoax.

I suspect people from travel agencies want to cash in on the advisory for them to make money or just some misinformed souls.

Digging deeper since I found none at the DFA site, I found a statement of Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Domingo Lucenario Jr. in a Philippine Daily Inquirer report "the two earlier passport versions would still be recognized in ports around the world until expiration."

To be really sure, I called up the DFA hotline 556-0000, something I don't usually do since I hate calling up government offices, the reply I got was that the "green passport is valid for travel until expiration date provided it's not within six months from the date of travel."

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) started issuing Machine Readable Passports (MRP) last year to be th April 2010 deadline set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for the phaseout of manually processed passports. It intends to issue more secure e-Passports this year.

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a copy of the supposed passport advisory is posted below, note the passport application requirements and renewal are correct. The non-validity of green passports beyond January 2010 is a hoax!

Department of Foreign Affairs
Travel Agency Section

Please be advised that effective January 2010, the green colored Philippine Passport will no longer be accepted even if it is still valid. Below are the list of new requirement for the application and renewal of Philippine Passport.










Saturday, January 17, 2009

Color Temperature: Halogen, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Daylight and Combined Lighting

As i've just bought a remote control for my Nikon D80 plus a light tent to make my own cheap table top studio combined with amy table halogen lamp and tripod.

This time, i appreciated setting my camera's color temperature to achieve white balance using halogen continuous lighting not possible with my old Canon EOS 300D camera (walang K)

Color temperature settings I googled and experimented on:

Daylight:5500 degrees Kelvin
Fluorescent: around 5500 Kelvin degrees
Tungsten: 2700-2800K
Neodymium lamps: around 3000 Kelvin degrees
Halogen lamps: 2800 to 3400 K


An 80B filter converts 3200K light to 5500K. You'll need a combination of an 80B with an 82A to correct the light from a household bulb to approximate 5500K.

correction filter for use of daylight films with halogen lamps is the 80A.
Light bulbs, a stronger blue filter, a 80B

Incandescent includes tungsten, neodymium, halogen

As Tungsten Incandescent bulbs age the color temperature gets continuously lower (more red/yellow); not the case with Halogen lights. Dimming either type of light shifts the color temperature downward (becomes more red/yellow)

I wonder what's the setting for white balance when doing underwater photography :P

Friday, January 16, 2009

Air21 Door to Door Delivery

I ordered a few items from an online store in Binondo selling photography equipment

Haida IR filter,
photobox (light tent)
and remote control for my Nikon D80

i requested them to be sent to me via courier after depositing the payment to their bank account.

The items were delivered to me the following day for P168 fee.
the 168 is ominous probably for the Chinese who sent the items to me. I still have to test the items though particularly the remore control and the Haida IR filter

It seems Air21 is cheaper than LBC...there's an LBC branch near my home but i didn't like the attitude of the people there, too indiferrent and don't know how to smile.

Monday, January 05, 2009

How to Block Blog Comment Spam Tips for Blogger/Wordpress

On December 30, 2008, while I was on blog holiday, a spammer went on a spamming frenzy on this blog to comment on a lost cause and probably to catch my attention on something "remarkable"

The spammer spent about 3 hours to post the same comment on almost a hundred posts of this blog...

Tips to avoid Blog Comment Spam:

1. Enable Word Verification, technically called Captcha, effective in weeding out spambots (automated spamming scripts) from humans.

2. Consider moderating comments. It's better than allowing all comments then delete later for greater control. Enabling comment moderation can make do without Word Verification but the latest spammer here indicated I could have slowed the spammer down with the captcha.

3. Look for anti-spam plugins (for wordpress and other blogging platform) but like other anti-spam tools, you need to review the spam filder for false-positives.

4. Disable comment box or disallowing comments. I did this for the most spammed post in this blog.

5. Try to block the IP address of the spammer if using a static IP address.

6. Try to contact the ISP of the spammer for abuse i violation of their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

you want to know who's spamming me? they're guys/agents of Fern-C on a spamming frenzy!

about the spam deluge, the spammer's effort of 3 hours spamming comments, stole about three minutes of my time deleting them. I don't want to waste more time reading a "press release" as if it will change anything. I just want them to stop doing those deceptive sales presentation of theirs.