Monday, December 22, 2008

Phishing Alert: Chinabank Online

First there was Metrobank Direct, then BPI, Asia United Bank, Equitable -PCI (now Banco de Oro) that got hit by phishers wishing to earn money the wrong way from unsuspecting online bankers

I predicted my own bank to be targetted by phishing people and there it was...a phishing email was sent to numerous email recipients where the senders kept their fingers crossed that a few uninformed souls will actually login to their Chinabank Online account.

For your info, China bank Online requires two passwords: one for login and another for transactions (called transaction password). The two can be made the same (i know it's weird, but it can really be set to be the same thus defeating the purpose)

Using two passwords is not the same as two-factor authentication...

Chinabank released advisories warning their clients that they won't send emails requiring acount holders to login to their account.

No bank does that, only evil miscreants do!

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