Saturday, November 15, 2008

Slowdown, Recession, Depression and St. John's Wort

Recent news about the Philippine economy to experience recession next year but the government quickly announced a slowdown, not a recession next year.

Slowdown is defined as a smaller growth rate of GDP (gross domestic product) while recession is already there when GDP shrinks for two consecutive quarters.

to further add to the definition, here's how to define recession and depression, according to a friend of mine: "Recession is when your wife loses here job; depression is when you lose your job."

'Til then I don't know if St. Johns Wort can cure your depression, much more the economic depression.

Cheep up, people! a little sense of humor to lighten up these gloomy days.


  1. what is the government solution for the econimic slowdown in the philippines?

  2. anonymous, nothing. just promoting jobs for filipinos abroad...