Friday, November 21, 2008

Gagambino Writers Need Lessons on Biology

Here's my usual Kapuso rant on the latest superhero series of GMA 7: Gagambino

I've always maintained that television, including teleseryes ought to write the truth and educate people even if it's just entertainment. I always see plots and twists on legal matters that's so twisted from reality that I partly blame writers and directors for the ignorance of their viewers who think teleserye plots and twists happen in real life.

The latest of these is not legal stuff but merely on biology, they keep on calling the four bida of the series as insects: a bee, praying mantis, scorpion and the spider.

Well...spiders and scorpions are not insects, they're arachnids! they have four pair pairs of legs compared to insects with three...

Now I see small children thinking spiders are insects and so thus they're parents. Thanks to Gagambino! :(

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  1. I agree that most Filipino soaps and movies are poorly-researched.