Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2010 Automated Elections Security: DRE or OMR

We've all been awed anew with the speed of counting votes during the last US presidential elections where my candidate won. One and a half years from now, the Philippines will again hold new national elections in May 2010 to elect a new president (that is if assholes in Congress take it away from us through charter change to serve their own interests).

During the ARMM elections last August, there were two technologies pilot tested: optical mark recognition (OMR) and direct-recording electronic machine (DRE). DRE is more expensive for it uses touch screen machines that allows voters to key in their votes directly while OMR uses scanners that read ballots filled out by voters and transfers the data through a network.

How to choose among the technologies? It should not be on cost and a logistics alone but focus also on security. How secure is the system? Is it "immune" from hacking and cheating? Due diligence of the people behind the company/suppliers, source code audits, proper procedures, and so many things.

The hardest part here is do you trust the COMELEC? But at least traditional politicians with PhD in electoral fraud will be relegated to newbies once this system is in place. But be on guard always as some can be so smart they'll get a masters degree in no time :(

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