Sunday, October 05, 2008

How to Sell Your Blog: Price, Copyright and Sentimental Value

I have a dilemma not so tyrpical of bloggers: I received an unsolicited offer from a Singapore-based travel agency to buy my main blog Backpacking Philippines

The company recruited me to their affiliate program but now offered to buy the whole site, domain name and content then intend to hire me as the content writer to continue blogging. that in turn will turn me into a problogger, blogging for money

I'm not a problogger. I consider myself a "fun blogger." I earn quite an amount but still too low to be considered a pro.

I still don't know how to put a price tag to my blog. I asked people and friends to assess its value. It has about 320 posts in 2.5 years yet traffic has been hitting 800 unique visitors and 1500 pageloads lately and rising. There are also about 50 draft posts waiting to be posted at the right time, to coincide with the date of a historical event.

Tell me, if you were in my place what will you do?

What are the considerations on assessment of how much a blog is worth?
Google Pagerank? Site Statistics? Technorati and Alexa rankings?

How about copyright? To whom do the copyright of all pictures and write-ups belong?
AFAIK, copyright of photos belong to the photographer unless relinquished under a special agreement.

My domain is a premium one, something I didn't expect to be still available last january when I looked for one. Bought it for $10 but I know in the future, offers for it will come at a higher price.

How about the arrangements for me as content writer? It's not easy to maintain a travel blog, unlike others. I need to travel in order to post an entry. Can I haggle for freebies, flights and accommodations in order to write something about a place? That will counter my initial aim of unbiased reviews though. The compensation should exceed my current adsense and earnings from other ads as well as allow me to upgrade my camera and other equipment.

I'm a sentimental person. I started my blog as a repository of all my personal travels. I intend to pass on to my future children, and's some sort of an online heirloom in the future.

Oh's a problem some people would want to be in but not me.

How much is your blog worth?

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