Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Poisoned DNS Servers Redirecting My Website to AsianMultiAdvertising.Com

For the last two days, I experienced about a 30% drop in taffic to my main blog, Backpacking Philippines,. I thought it was normal until I received an email from PBS yahoogroup (one of whom seems to be working at Dell Computers traced from the IP address) asking me to check my blog since it's redirecting somewhere else.

I checked first my own blog and concluded there's nothing wrong with my blog and probably the DNS servers used by the people complaining is that the DNS server they're using are poisoned, with the recently made public critical DNS flaw still unpatched by lazy and/or clueless systems administrators.

I suspected this to be the problem also with the recent problem of SmartBro.

To check if your DNS is the culprit, change the settings of your DNS to point to OpenDNS then re-visit my blog. If it correct the problem, contact your ISP or network administrator to immediately update the DNS software their using.

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