Saturday, September 06, 2008

iPhone 3G Impressions and Camera Sample Pictures

I now have a fresh out of the box iPhone 3G from Apple, the envy of my officemates due to the slick new interface but i noticed immediately several negatives on the iconic mobile device.

1. you can't foward text messages/SMS to others...quite a standard with other phones. will have to check for workarounds.
2. GPS functionality doesn't work as advertised. I will have to buy a separate GPS device, probably Garmin, for this to be installed on my car's dashboard.
3. Camera, as I expected, performs below my expectations. I'm partial to the image quality of Sony-Ericsson phones. See sample pictures taken at Tiendesitas in Pasig.

Will update this post for more observations and the dark side of the iPhone 3G.

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