Monday, September 29, 2008

Hippo Roller: An Ingenious and Efficient Way of Water Transport

I came across a Google-sponsored contest where bright ideas that can change the world or at least help improve the lives of others will be given funding by the search engine and advertising giant.

One of the great, actually awesome, idea, however simple, that I saw is the Hippo Roller used in Africa. It's an efficient way to fetch water for people living in the deserts of Africa. It's very different from the age-old way to fetch water by carrying water on one's shoulders.

The Hippo Roller allows one to push a water container on the ground for it to roll, thus requiring less effort and energy, and less risk of an injury for carrying heavy load. This is when laying our pipes and aqueduct is so expensive and not viable in such environments.

We need more great ideas for the lives of other people to improve.

More information about the Hippo Roller, including pictures and information on how to give donations from kind-hearted souls, is available here.

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