Thursday, September 11, 2008

GMA Codename Asero and Information Security

I happen to always catch the showing of GMA Kapuso's Codename Asero by the time I get home at around dinner time. Not that I follow the show but since people at home are Kapuso fanantics

I was able to catch the initial showing of the science fiction series on tv, some sort of Alias meets Universal Soldier, but noticed too many glaring shortcomings typical of Filipino writers just to get a storyline going.

There is a scene there that the two protagonist agencies, Advocate and Empire, doesn't practice the age-old principle of "Know Thy Enemy and know thyself" by not actually having a dossier on their employees. Stupid leaders of the agencies don't know the parents of Asero while Empire guys have a stupid policy of not knowing anything about their employees' family.

Spare me the crap. No top secret company can operate under wraps for so long without the principle of "know thy employees."

All over the place, you get things and bags and stuff marked with Empire and Advocate, a practice not done by real top secret companies, not even the agencies of the hit TV series Alias.

There's also a stupid way to check if Agent Asero is really a cyborg when they let him get near an octopus-like gizmo to detect is he's really a cyborg. Good thing Empire guys encrypted the signal.

C'mon, a simple metal detector or x-ray machine can do the trick.

One more thing, the Empire knows where the Advocate holds office and yet they don't know the employees and stuff.

Stop pulling my leg with such glaring boob tube booboos.

Filipino writers and directors should break away from stupid plots in order to be really world-class, less of the melodrama, and more attune to reality, something like the producers of sci-fi series and films like Alias, who seem to be in touch with the real world. Foreign sci-fi series don't resort to cheap gimmicks and perhaps employ consultants on technical stuff to be at least acceptable.

Or does it really mean that Filipino audiences are too...never mind the word!


  1. Hurray!

    I really agree with you!

    All television programs should show their audience of what really their theme is all about. If they show plots that are not realistic then its like that are making their audience stupid.

  2. I really don't like Asero, pero I heard mataas daw ratings nito.

    Well, may daya nga pala yun ;)