Monday, August 18, 2008

WeRoam SmartBro Problem: Network or DNS?

I'm receiving queries from my friends using SmartBro Wireless Internet as well asSmart WeRoam all pointing to not being able to browse various websites. Since I no longer know anyone working at Smart (except high level ones but in different departments) I can only offer a technical explanation insiders can't or won't disclose

There's a report that using a proxy, instead of direct Internet connection fixes the problem. It means there really is a network problem of Smart, probably routing or DNS.

I suggest using a different DNS for your connections by using OpenDNS, procedure here. If it works, there's a DNS problem and Smart's DNS servers also could have been hacked or poisoned.

This goes on for days/weeks now and the only real solution for you is to shop around for another Internet provider. Service that sucks is not worth your money!


  1. hi, the procedure you provided is heading his page. :)

  2. poytspot, sorry. there's an HTML coding error. corrected it already. thanks for pointing it out

  3. i'm thinking to get smart bro sana but i've read a lot of bad reviews. what's the best wireless provider in Pinas so far?

  4. fr jessie, did it correct the problem?

    freeze, frankly, i don't know. heard good feedback about Globe Visibility but have yet to try it.