Saturday, August 30, 2008

MS Outlook Attachment Received as Winmail.Dat by Thunderbird

For months, Ive been receiving attachments encoded with TNEF from friends using Microsoft Outlook received by my Thunderbird email client as Winmail.Dat attachments.

I simply ignored the emails until the other day when another peer complained to me about the problem, this time, I have to look for ways to decode the attachment for it's an urgent request.

Further research and trials got to four different solutions:

1. Configure MS Outlook to send emails either as HTML or plain text. The latter is recommended for security.

2. Use the freeware Winmail.dat reader from

3. In Thunderbird, use the add-on LookOut to automatically decipher TNEF-encoded attachments. Don't know of any solution if you're using Lotus Notes except # 2.

4. Screw MS Outlook completely. MS Outlook and Internet Explorer are two of the worst security nightmares on the Windows platform.

The fourth one is highly recommended. You hit two birds with one stone :P

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