Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nehalem Core i7 Intel Chip Catching Up with AMD Opteron's Speed?

Recently launched at the Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco, Intel announced that Nehalem, now officially called Core i7 chip has both high performance and energy efficiency.

A news report by BBC has the following claims:

"With Nehalem Intel has combined memory and processing functions into a single chip instead of using two. On the most powerful Core i7 processors this will result in as many as eight processing cores co-existing on a single chip.

Intel claims the innovations on the family of products will offer three times the memory bandwidth of the previous generation of chips and twice the performance of 3-D animation."

Seems Intel, the leading chip manufacturer is playing catch up with AMD's Opteron in terms of speed while improving power performance. Their new chip will be powering PCs and servers in years to come and can contain up to eight cores in one chip.

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