Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cheap MacBook Black in the Philippines?

I'm excited about this since I alreay passed the request for me to replace this aging notebook of mine, a Compaq nx9040, 3.5 years old already with a slight LCD damage to be replaced with an Apple MacBook Black.

It's not yet final but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my superiors will approve my request for the Apple cool stuff instead of just another Windows laptop. I wrote a formal request with my justifications including being able to use security and auditing tools available only in Mac OS X environment or those that run natively there plus the ability to test web applications if they can run flawlessly under the Mac OS particularly in using Apple's proprietary Safari browser.

I asked around for possible suppliers of cheap MacBooks with upgraded specifications, if there's such a word, and the least expensive quote I got was PhP73k including the Mini-DVI to VGA adapter to enable me to use a multimdedia projector for presentations.

Hope my request get approved soon and a shiny new MacBook delivered to me...otherwise the new laptop would just be another Windoze clone :(


  1. hi! may i know where i can contact the same supplier? i'm planning to buy apple macbook black as well for personal use. thanks!


  2. go to the apple website for the authorized distributors of macbooks here. i got a corporate 10% discount rate. there are gray market sellers advertised out there too but problems with warranty so it's a hit and miss game. goodluck