Monday, July 07, 2008

Wanted: Chief Information Security Officer

For the nth time this year, a headhunter called me up in the office offerring me jobs referred by my peers. This time, the "headhuntress" was referred by an IS Auditor of large commercial bank looking for a CISO: Chief Information Security Officer.

There are only a few of us Information Security Officers in the Philippines, some of my peers left the country for more lucrative jobs abroad, I'm one of the few who chose to stay put. Some ISOs of banks are also security officers on paper just to comply with BSP (Philippine Central bank) regulations requiring banks to open the information security position. The headhunter was very persuasive, saying I try to explore since the company is one of the largest commercial banks in Makati.

But I was not swayed.

I flatly said no to her offer, which made her curious and said she's actually looking for people happy wit their jobs and not unhappy, worse, disgruntled ones. She asked me why but I can't say a valid reason except I'm happy at where I am presently.

One of the strengths of my company actually is that I'm not that really pressured at work, reason why I can still blog at home. Politics and "airheads" are not present and my officemates are like a family to me.

It's not only salary and compensation at stake here, but a happy working environment. My current pay is much more than I currently need.

Someday maybe...someday...


  1. Right on.. a good working environment minus the stress is hard to find these days ! Money isn't the ultimate determinant in job hunting I agree.

  2. yup. keep my options open...but not in the near future

  3. Hi Tutubi,

    A bit off topic, I am also into Information Security. I choose to stay than to go out of the country. I started into network security since 1997 maybe we have bumped into each other one way or another somewhere. :)

  4. rocky, i think kilala kita :P ikaw ba taga-net25 este X? :P

  5. tutubi, yup founder of NetX, I hired also Edwin P. (taga Paete also). I left NetX long time ago. Edwin is still there.

  6. so iba ka pa kay Edwin...Imet him na dati sa NetX. nasa vendor ka ba? contact me at tutubi at backpacking philippines dot com