Saturday, July 12, 2008

Secret on How to Get a Raise and Promotion

June this year has been good to me. First I got interviewed by Analyn Jusay (AJ) for her column Blog-O-Rama in Manila Bulletin, next is my main blog hit the 100,000 unique visitors,third is that I got new of a hefty raise in my company's annual performance evaluation and lastly is the best of all that effective July 1, 2008, i will be promoted from assistant manager to a full manager with another corresponding salary increase plus increase in my car plan equity and gas allowance from the present 75 liters per month to 100 liters per month, actually more than my needs making the excess liters convertible to cash, that increases every time gas prices go up.

Promotions has been rare for me, in fact, it's only my second time to be promoted. The first one was during my second job. It's because I hopped from one job to the next with a higher level that's why I was able to reach my current rank. I'm presently the youngest member of my company's ManCom (Management Committee).

Regarding the secret on how to get promoted? Nothing really, except for sycophants hanging on to the coat tails of the powers-that-be, the best way actually is pure hard work and continuous self-improvement.

If your boss, don't notice you, there may be other opportunities outside to explore. Lots of job vacancies waiting to be filled up in the Philippines and the world, you just need to equip yourself with the proper skills to fit the job.


  1. Congratulations on hitting this milestone and for the interview. I'll have to see and read that.

  2. jayashkal, thanks. sadly, the MB interview has yet to see the light of day online. MB staff seems to need some follow-ups