Monday, July 28, 2008

Is There Such a Thing as Cheap Car Insurance?

I just renewed the auto insurance of my Toyota Vios 2006 model at a cost of P16578.99. Note that half of my insurance premium is shouldered by my company which makes it quite affordable. I don't know which is the best motor vehicle insurance but it's convenient to just talk to my office's admin staff who renewed it for me; same staff I speak to if I need to claim accidents or damage to my car.

My car insurance Deductible/Participation fee went P2950.00/incident from last years P3250.00/incident since it's already two years old. Last year's premium was about P19000 so there's a P1,700.00 drop in annual premium and P300 deduction in deductible/participation fee.

Next year, I will really look for another insurance company to get a better and cheaper auto insurance to replace my insurance broker who's really making me broke.

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