Saturday, June 28, 2008

Water-Powered Car: Hoax?

There has been fresh reports lately about certain "breakthroughs" of vehicles that run on a highly available fuel: water. Fueled mainly by the skyrocketing prices of crude oil at historic highs, there's also a race in developing alternative fuels to power the future car.

One of the most controversial is the water-powered car where even the Philippines boasts of an alleged invention by a certain Daniel Dingle even demonstrated on TV from years back.

I do not doubt that we can extract energy from water since I'm aware of hydrogen fuel cells and we all know that water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen.

What I doubt is the commercial viability of extracting hydrogen in water since using electrolysis, you need much more energy, to breakup water into hydrogen and oxygen, than the energy you can produce from hydrogen.

The law of thermodynamics just won't allow that to happen...there however is a new development in India with the latest air-powered car unveiled. That's more reason to celebrate since it's real and feasible.

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  1. Daniel Dingel, the inventor of the water-powered car, now has a website at