Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NLEX Over-speeding Ticket LTO

A few months ago when my friends and I went to Clark Field in Angeles City for the Clark Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and Pampanga Food Trip, Y drove my car since I don't want to drive on NLEX, I'm more of a passenger than a driver. On the return trip, he stepped on the gas too hard and snaked his way on NLEX hitting as fast as 123 kilometers per hour (kph). As we got near NLEX toll gate in Balintawak, we were stopped by uniformed traffic police and informed us of the violation. It seems they only have the doppler radar to detect over-speeding on the southbound lane and apprehends only those going beyond 120 kph even if the speed limit is 100 kph and minimum speed of 80 kph. The policemen were courteous and handed a ticket to Y who informed him to get his license the following Friday at the LTO Office in Quezon City.

When I asked J, Y's girlfriend about the ticket recently, I was informed Y arrived at the Land Transportation Office at 9:30am and finished at 3pm due to lunch and afternoon breaks and too many people queue. There also was a seminar that you can "pay" should you not pass it. He paid a total of P577.63 with P500 fine for reckless driving, P67.63 for computer fee, and P10 for legal research fund.

it's now PhP1277.00 fine for overspeeding on NLEX where you need to claim your drivers license at LTO East Avenue, Quezon City. You also need to attend a two-hour seminar with any of these schedules: 8am-10am, 10am-12nn, 1pm-3pm, 3pm-5pm

There you go, folks! Next time you're on NLEX, just stay within the 80-100 kph limits to avoid a ticket. Same goes for Skyway and probably soon on SCTEx, SLEX and StarToll. But the general rule is to always drive at a manageable speed. Over-speeding kills not only the driver but also other people who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.


  1. I thought they will just hand you the fine but you got to keep your license !

    Here they don't get your license but if you ignore the fine, they will hit you when you renew your car plate - registration fee plus all the fines you didn't pay, including interest charges ouch :(

  2. they should also fine those slow vehicles running below 60kph.

  3. they should fine those staying in the overtaking lanes too!

  4. i also got a speeding ticket at macapagal 3 weeks ago and until now i haven't settled it yet coz a friend of mine told me she got 4 tickets and ignored it since they dont get the license naman and yet she was able to renew her license without a problem. no records of her having violations. so howcome? and how would i know if my violation was really recorder or not?