Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cheap CECT CellPhones with TV looks like Nokia N99i

About ten of my officemates bought a certain brand of mobile phones without any markings, most with Nokia N99i stickers, tht comes with a PDA and TV tuner. They bout the unit in Greenhills costing P5.7k each. Quite cheap for a mobile phone that look so much like Nokia.

I was also offered to buy one in order for them to get a larger discount due to volume purchase but I begged off since I don't need a new phone, I'm happy with my simple phone that i merely use to call and text. I don't even have a new ringtone. I simply told them I'll buy one after about a month after I got their feedback and reviews.

After a month, all of the phones are still working but all of them are complaining about the non-display of caller's name or texter when being called even if the name is stored in the phone's address book. Tried to find out if there're duplicate entries, a fix you find in Nokia phones, but even if you've already deleted all names in the address book, the calling number is not displayed making it hard to know who's calling.

Aside from that defect, I also reminded them that I can't use it while driving since it requires the use of stylus for the PDA to compose SMS.

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