Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Text Reloadable AXS Card as MRT Pass

I've been seeing new RFID readers installed at MRT entrances and definitely sure they're not like Globe's G-Pass and Smart's Metropass. It's just recently that i've learned the readers are there for yet another way to buy a supposedly hassle-free ticket to the MRT though I always see to it that I have stored value ticket (SVT) with me whenever I use up my card and buy before leaving the station.

AXS Card, I was informed, is a product of LoadXtreme, that multi-level marketing company, selling prepaid loads and other stuff, who kept their investors in the dark last year, without word of recouping investment, website taken down and telephone lines left unanswered FOR MONTHS, to suddenly appear again as if nothing happened.

If you're thinking of buying AXS Cards, caveat emptor!

I'd rather stick with my tested routine of buying a SVT immediately after using up the last one-- that's only during Thursdays, by the way, when my car's banned due to number coding.

Lastly, I long to see the day when a unified ticketing system for MRT, LRT, Pasig Ferry, even taxis can be paid using a system similar to Singapore's EZLink cards and Hong Kong's Octopus cards.

Dream on!


  1. The readers installed for G-Pass is powered and enabled by the company partly owned by PentaCapital who recently acquired the business of LoadXtreme. AXS Card is definitely different from G-Pass because it's the first RFID Card (like Octopus of HK or Oyster of Europe). But the readers you see on MRT are for GPASS and AXS Cards. AXS Cards being sold thru dealers and retailers of LoadXtreme/VMobile are the first Stored-Value Card that is reloadable via SMS (LoadXtreme/Vmobile).

  2. By the way, Pasig Ferry is partly owned by PentaCapital too. So AXS Cards can also be used for PasigFerry