Sunday, June 22, 2008

CURE ümobile! Acquired by Smart Communications

I used to work at Eastern Telecom (ETPI) and so anything that happens there is of particular interest to me. One of the news I got wind of last year was Cure's acquisition of ETPI by CURE (Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise, Inc.) from the former Australian owners was a big one.

I've known of CURE for quite a while already being a customer of ETPI Internet services from years ago but the latest news about the company, according to my informant whose an insider, CURE was recently acquired by Smart Communications.

That makes the possible list of 3G providers into three since only four licenses were issued by the NTC (Smart, Globe, Sun and CURE) with CURE's ümobile! controlled by Smart.

I prefer CURE to be independent to increase competition but at this latest turn of events, it'll be back to 3 operators slugging it out with Sun 3G, solidly on third place :P

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