Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Western Union Quick Cash Remittance Procedure

After two years, I finally monetized my Adsense earnings for my pathetic blogs. Income from Adsense that I set to receive via Western Union. It's not much since I only have a respectable daily income recently when I optimized my blog.

I went to Western Union on Paseo de Roxas, Makati to get it at around 6pm (they're open up to 7pm). The procedure's simple, I just filled-out a form, provided my drivers license (they require government issued ID), and details of the remittance:

MTCN: Money Transfer Control Number (provided by the sender i.e. Google)
Address of Sender
amount of remittance

they asked me if I wanted it in peso of dollar. It's a good thing that they buy dollars at P42 per $1 when the dollar exchange rate is P42.38 so it's a good deal, not a greedy Western Union agent.

I'm looking forward to more earnings for my blog to subsidize my expensive hobby i.e travel and photography :P


  1. Hi Tutubi,

    goodluck!sana nga ay makapagtravel ka rito sa japan :)

  2. yay! got ur adsense earnings na? cool :P

  3. My hubby is in into photography. Nahawa na rin ako kasi kaka-inggit yong mga blogs na may magandang pictures. Pero ang mahal talaga ng mga lens :)

  4. ghee, sana nga...medyo mhal airfare pa lang :(

    tina, yep but not much. ok na rin

    nina, expensive talaga photography. i just bought a new cam 2 months ago and spent P60k for the basic setup :(

  5. hi tutubi,
    im from malaysia. i have an active blog and had adsense on my site. however one day i received an email from google informing me that someone in america had withdrawn money from my adsense account. from that day onwards, i never trust adsense and decided not to activate my adsense column.
    what is your opinion ?
    regards, othman

  6. oxymanus, did the withdrawal reflect on your adsense account? Was the email really from Google? I've been using this facility and no problem. You should secure your google account for it's the key also to your adsense earnings. if the withdrawal really happened, then make the necessary adjustments for it not to happen again. adsense is my single revenue source. all others are insignificant. terimah kasi :P

  7. nice to see this blog discussing adsense quick cash..