Saturday, May 24, 2008

Of Jessica Alba, Pirated DVDs and Terrorism

One of my officemates bought a pirated DVD from a vendor on Ayala Avenue with about 15 movies compressed in a single disk. Most movies were sci-fi and epic genre, the kind of movies I love to watch. In fact, I already saw most of the movies in theaters except a few. What particularly caught my eye was was the sexy picture of Jessica Alba on the poster of Sin City the movie alongside all the others.

Not really a fan of pirated stuff, I tried to borrow the DVD to play in my notebook (i really don't have a DVD player at home), when I browsed through the movie selections, I was disappointed that Sin City is the only movie listed on the cover that's not actually in the DVD.

Too much of my Jessica Alba craving whom I followed in her sci-fi series Dark Angel on TV before she bagged that role in the Fantastic Four movie.

On a side note, there has been a link with film piracy with terrorism in Asia where terrorists use funds earned from piracy to finance their killing spree. No direct evidence yet in the Philippines but it sure should make people think about buying and patronizing pirates.

I enjoin you to buy genuine stuff. I watch movies in theaters for I know nothing can capture the ambiance of the films I wanted to see on a cinema screen with Dolby or THX surround sound system.


  1. Pirated movies esp those that are being sold well ahead of the DVD release are very inferior in picture and sound quality. Here people always ask - "is this DVD quality?" The vendor in the Asian mall will either say yes or no and it is up to you to call it. THey're either taken by video cameras at movie houses or downloaded from the net with heavy compression and the resulting video and sound output aren't that good.

    However, movies that have DVD releases are reproduced quite well as bootleg DVD's.

  2. bw, not too familiar with pirated disks except the heads that show up and the stray voices i saw from movies of my neighbors