Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cheap Laptop LCD Repair/Replacement

My old Pentium 4 powered laptop, a Compaq Evo N610c's LCD got busted by my playful 4-year old niece while vacationing in Paete durig the Holy Week. I didn't tell my brother, now in Japan, about it since I might get "burned" due to my own fault. I only left it with my niece for a few seconds to get somehitng to drink and there she put a small stone on the keyboard, closed it voila, a small black mark on the screen already visible. that black mark inched its way to make the LCD screen's usable area to about a third of the total screen area.

I searched for possible replacements and got some hits on Google. Tried to call the posted numbers but they kept on quoting me a high price of PhP7k and higher.

This morning, after fetching my parents in Malabon to take them to Cubao and board the Sta. Cruz, Laguna bound bus of HM Transport, made it a point to pass by a place on Quezon Avenue in a building where Caxiopeia is located to ask around.

The laptop repair place is small but they seem to have a loyal customer base. The owner is also friendly. After waiting for about two hours, my notebook finally got a new LCD screen and only at PhP3,500.00...quite cheap, methinks!

I also requested for a memory upgrade of 512MB DDR with discount.

If you're also looking for laptop battery repair, they offer P400/cell battery repacking service.

The shop has a branch at St. Francis Square behing SM Megamall and in Glorietta in Makati.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Of Jessica Alba, Pirated DVDs and Terrorism

One of my officemates bought a pirated DVD from a vendor on Ayala Avenue with about 15 movies compressed in a single disk. Most movies were sci-fi and epic genre, the kind of movies I love to watch. In fact, I already saw most of the movies in theaters except a few. What particularly caught my eye was was the sexy picture of Jessica Alba on the poster of Sin City the movie alongside all the others.

Not really a fan of pirated stuff, I tried to borrow the DVD to play in my notebook (i really don't have a DVD player at home), when I browsed through the movie selections, I was disappointed that Sin City is the only movie listed on the cover that's not actually in the DVD.

Too much of my Jessica Alba craving whom I followed in her sci-fi series Dark Angel on TV before she bagged that role in the Fantastic Four movie.

On a side note, there has been a link with film piracy with terrorism in Asia where terrorists use funds earned from piracy to finance their killing spree. No direct evidence yet in the Philippines but it sure should make people think about buying and patronizing pirates.

I enjoin you to buy genuine stuff. I watch movies in theaters for I know nothing can capture the ambiance of the films I wanted to see on a cinema screen with Dolby or THX surround sound system.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

How Paypal Transfers Funds to Philippine Bank Accounts via ACH

It seems that even months after Paypal opened the floodgates to withdraw Paypal funds in the Philippines, most Philippine banks are still clueless on what is Paypal and how to link their bank accounts to Paypal. Proof of this is when banks are called up by their customers for their bank codes but will deny any tie up with Paypal and instead will give their SWIFT code (which is not the same as their Philippine bank code)

I just received a call from someone at a bank inquiring if my company is involved or if I knew anything about Paypal.

I simply explained to him how Paypal works and how they do their fund transfers similar to an IBFT (inter-bank fund transfer) transaction but this time involving a foreign bank JP Morgan Chase who does the transfers via Automated Clearing House (ACH). It's a simple process where transferee accounts to to various banks are processed by JP Morgan through ACH.

I seems Paypal is a client of JP Morgan Chase's Global ACH service and Philippine banks don't know anything much about it since it's a seamless service.

Next thing I predict, is that banks will investigate this scheme if to see if it competes with their remittance business which is a highly lucrative business for them.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Western Union Quick Cash Remittance Procedure

After two years, I finally monetized my Adsense earnings for my pathetic blogs. Income from Adsense that I set to receive via Western Union. It's not much since I only have a respectable daily income recently when I optimized my blog.

I went to Western Union on Paseo de Roxas, Makati to get it at around 6pm (they're open up to 7pm). The procedure's simple, I just filled-out a form, provided my drivers license (they require government issued ID), and details of the remittance:

MTCN: Money Transfer Control Number (provided by the sender i.e. Google)
Address of Sender
amount of remittance

they asked me if I wanted it in peso of dollar. It's a good thing that they buy dollars at P42 per $1 when the dollar exchange rate is P42.38 so it's a good deal, not a greedy Western Union agent.

I'm looking forward to more earnings for my blog to subsidize my expensive hobby i.e travel and photography :P