Saturday, April 05, 2008

Unethical BIR Employee and RA3019

Not my thing actually to eavedrop on other people's conversation but last weekend during our company outing's stopover at KFC on NLEX, we were seated next to a family loudly discussing about computers, laptops and Internet.

A big man, I presume was the father, talked about Globe's newest promo of a 2 year unlimited Internet connection costing P1599 that comes with a free 14" laptop.

One of my companions working at Globe Telecoms wanted to butt in since she knows the price is just P1495 and the laptop is only 7' and actually not free since you amortize for it during the two year lock in period.

The biggest disappointment was when the horizontally-challenged woman, the mother, bragged about not having to buy a laptop since she was given one by one of her taxpayers. Now, where do you expect to work with taxpayers and shower you gifts?

It's not just unethical to accept gifts from "clients" even if not explicitly asking for something in return, it's also illegal as prohibited under RA 3019, the Anti-graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

No wonder tax collections are low in this part of the world!

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