Monday, April 14, 2008

Police in Manila with GPS Devices?

I read the news lately with the Manila Police District being equipped with GPS devices for them to go to a crime scene aided with the satellite-guided device. It's a good move actually coupled with police visibility and camera surveillance but a GPS won't cut it of the police can't get to the scene on time.

Regarding policement, what irked me recently was just yesterday, Makati traffic police went up to a driver of an FX who apparently beat a red light on Paseo de Roxas. The driver argued with the traffic enforcer and later showed his ID declaring himself a policeman. The enforcer went away without saying a word or penalizing the "mamang pulis." Good thing for the policeman too since I wasn't able to see his plate number.

Policemen should be enforcers of the law and not lawbreakers. Those scums really think they're above the law.

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