Thursday, April 24, 2008

Free Movie Passes at MyCinema Greenbelt Makati

Gone were the days when I'm always updated on the latest Hollywood movies and occasional art films (e.g. Cineuropa and Eiga Sai) due to my friends' "addiction" to such flicks. Nowadays, I don't have time to watch movies, not even tv, except a few I ripped into my iPod for occasional viewing. I don't buy pirated DVDs like most people do.

The good part of being in the IT sector, particularly in the information security field, lots of vendors selling so many solutions call/visit me in the office asking for some time to discuss if I have some reuirements that they can fulfill. Numerous seminars and invitations I get from them to lure people like me to attend the events, most attendees were noticeably only after the raffle prizes and freebies.

Quite new, not totally new, is the marketing gimmick of some vendors to bundle free movie showings with their seminars to encourage target audience to attend since I noticed most events at hotels have very low attendance. Another free move showing is there with Iron Man bannered by a security solutions vendor to lure us information security officers out of our "bat caves." I've lost count of the movies I saw for free at myCinema but the free movies with free food and freebies besides the thrill of sometimes winning raffle prizes are too good to ignore.

The only thing that's making me think again is that I've attended so many seminars and yet I've never bought a single solution from the sponsors. Not my fault, I just don't have a business need for them but I was able to refer people in my network to them.

just in case you don't know how to get to Greenbelt in Makati, it's just walking distance from MRT Ayala station or ride the bus on EDSA with signboard LRT/Ayala then alight at Glorietta/Rustans. Ask around for directions so you won't get lost.


  1. wow. you get to watch movies for freee? coool!!

  2. freebies and not actually purchasing anything from them is really true. well i think marketing people knows that. hehehe...

  3. I find your post interesting. Any updates please? Thank you.