Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Chinabank ATM Downtime

Chinabank's ATMs are offline today with a handful of my officemates complaining since our payroll accounts are there. Chinabank Online is ok but session timeouts are making it a pain in the ...One of my officemates was transfering P20k to an account but due to the timeouts, had to repeat it twice not knowing the first two fund transfers were successful. Ended up transferring P60k, P40k more than the agreed amount.

No official word on the downtime is available as of this moment. Will try to ask my contacts there.

It seems Chinabank has been experiencing frequent downtimes lately.


  1. I hate chinabank! no announcement was done on their part... i need to pay bills but i have no cash due to this error !@#$!#@%!@$

  2. Just go to your local branch. It seems that they are really offline since Sunday. We can't withdraw via ATM either.

  3. even if you go to your local branch, they won't entertain you... they also can't give a definite time when they will be online again WTH