Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chess Grandmasters of the Philippines (GM)

I used to be a chess addict. In fact, i even studied the game with lots of theories and openings in an old illustrated book and a one time dreamed of being a grandmaster.

That never materialized though as we all know :P

Q: How many chess grandmasters does the Philippines have?
A: 13

here's a list of Filipino GMs for your appreciation:

Wesley So, at 14 years old, is currently the world's youngest grandmaster and highest ranked Filipino GM

Eugene Torre - Asia's first grandmaster (1974) and friend of the late great Robert "Bobby" Fischer

Rosendo Balinas (deceased) the 2nd Filipino grandmaster 1976

Rogelio Antonio 1993

Nelson Mariano 2004

Mark Paragua 2005

Buenaventura “Bong” Villamayor 2000

Darwin Laylo 2007

Wesley So 2007

Jayson Gonzales 2008

John Paul Gomez 2008

Joseph Sanchez

Rogelio Barcenilla

Ronald Dableo 2009 (though he needs to increase his 2417 Fide Elo rating points to 2500 to be officially announced as one)

No information yet on current ELO ratings. PLease leave a comment if I missed anyone or wrong information as i'm already sleepy :P

Updated: August 30, 2009


  1. that's impressive. i saw him in the news. galing ng pinoy!

  2. magagaling ang pinoy un nga lang mga gago naman ang mga leader ng government natin.... i am a chess player also and mark paragua is my co-milo checkmate way back 1990... u can visit my website at http://www.bettingstation.biz